A Magnificent 7 Thoughts to get you thinking and really excited for the return of The Arsenal!


7 Arsenal Thoughts 

Starting to get excited now!

Have you had these thoughts too?…. 

1)  Arsenal have a few advantages that many haven’t noticed yet.

  • We are about to play summer football for the first time. I would imagine that those teams with mainly British players eg; Sheffield Utd, may struggle as British folk are not used to playing in heat. Let’s remind ourselves that we don’t have many British players and we do have many who are used to playing in far warmer weather.
  • Secondly, have you noticed that the Bundesliga has a 12% win ratio for home teams?

I think that the away teams are repeatedly winning as they are encouraged by the surroundings, whilst the home team is subconsciously noticing a huge difference in the lack of encouragement.

Arsenal’s two hardest games left would ordinarily be Spurs and City away. Maybe they won’t be.

  • Finally, I haven’t completely written off success this season but I’m mainly eyeing the 20/21 season.

I think Arsenal will have an advantage over some of their rivals who are still in Europe. If as reported, the EL and CL will take place in August post PL season, then our players will get a break. The 20/21 season is reportedly starting in early September so we will not only be fresher but have more time to prepare with our impressive coach.

2) Talking of the Bundesliga I have some tips. 

The following players have caught my eye….

Leverkusen have three gems. 

  • Edmond Tapsoba is a modern day athletic, powerful CB. A new signing who is performing so well that they may be able to sell their best CB in Johnathan Tah. 

kerem demirbay


  • Kerem Demirbay is a personal favourite of mine. We’ve been linked in the past. A versatile central midfielder who is currently playing at #10. Reminds me of Edu. 

I identify a quality player based on expectation. Arsenal don’t have many if any players that make me feel like ‘something is about to happen’ when they get the ball. Pepe may do this in time. Ozil gave us all that feeling when he arrived but his spark is too sporadic now. Demirbay makes me feel this way. 

  • Arsenal probably don’t need another winger right now unless Auba and Laca leave but Moussa Diaby is worth a look too. 
  • Florian Neuhaus at Schalke is a CM with a big future. 

Leipzig have a host of players that would improve Arsenal including Upamecano.  

  • Marcel Sabitzer is another versatile gem. An all rounder. Christopher Nkunku has a special talent and would’ve been worth the investment we nearly got last year. The unsung hero is Konrad Laimer. A DM that Leipzig fans claim is their most important player. 
  • Dedryck Boyata is a name you might remember. Was never going to get a proper chance at City. Like many others they raise their profile by going to Celtic. Like Tapsoba he is a modern day CB that looks like he has the confidence to match the talent now at Hertha. 
  • Last one is Matheus Cunha, also at Hertha. Dribbling wizard that might be a consideration for a swap if Xhaka wants to go to Hertha.

3)  Beware the ‘we’ve got nothing to lose by signing young players on a free’ thought.

On one hand the risk is low. On the other hand it can often lead to equally or more promising players getting disillusioned due to lack of opportunities.


Our new signing, George Lewis, and the possibility of signing promising French talent, Adil Aouchiche, may seem like nothing but a great idea but what if Aouchiche came in, did well in pre-season and then Smith-Rowe makes the decision to give up on Arsenal?

I’ve got a strong suspicion that Rwandan born George Lewis is on board to sell jerseys in his homeland and likely as part of an agreement relating to our sleeve sponsor. It would be great if he turned out to be a star but in the last year we’ve already lost two of the most promising players in the Academy who played wide (like Lewis), in Xavier Amaechi and Yunus Musah.

It’s been crowded in the years previous too and we lost 3 players who are now proving good enough to have played at Arsenal. I think of Gnabry, Bennacer and Reine Adelaide.

4) Have Arsenal already secured new contracts for Saka and Auba and are not telling us?

I only suggest this as I think we’ve already secured two signings (see @Kike_Marin_) and are keeping quiet on all new expenses due to the possible backlash from those that would label us as ‘insensitive during this time.’ Just wondering.

5) What if Ceballos continues his form? What if he gets even better? What if he looks like the solution?

I ask as he was on a roll and regardless of whether he wants to stay at AFC he will need to impress Zidane. I doubt we could afford the fee on top of trying to get a DM.

ceballos laca

Even if Lacazette dreams of Real Madrid, they won’t want him. If Auba hasn’t re-signed would the club swap him for Ceballos?

Best option would be another loan.


6) Living in the US I can tell you that the sports networks are making quite a big deal and repeatedly mention the Premier League being the first major sports league to open up.

The PL is already very popular here with every single game from every PL club available to watch here.

Those that are waiting for their Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey and American Football to start will no doubt tune in as many just simply miss sport and competition. At the least the most watched show, SportsCenter, will cover it far more than before as it’ll have no competition for live action. 

If the PL can somehow create atmosphere and/or some new ‘behind the scenes’ coverage then US viewers won’t just tune in once.

If I was the PL I’d be talking to innovators as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture a crowd in the US and many other countries who are starved.

7) Last thought: am I the only one who would rather have someone like @clivepafc from Arsenal Vision do the punditry on games rather than ex-pros?

I’ve always wanted someone to point out the tactical battle that most don’t spot. That the opponents coach changed the flow of play by dropping his DM 10 yards. 

That if our coach would encourage Lacazette to open up the defence with his first movement then he’d be alone after his second movement (and show us too).

For me, the vast majority of ex-pros either don’t fully understand the tactical side of the game whilst it’s in flow or they don’t want to criticize friends.

The current lack of atmosphere will expose pundits in particular as the lack of crowd will shine a light on whether they can make intelligent observations without the sway of noise assisting them.

Time for observations of a higher level. Could be one of the innovative changes needed.




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One Response to A Magnificent 7 Thoughts to get you thinking and really excited for the return of The Arsenal!

  1. Victor Thompson May 30, 2020 at 11:03 am #

    Glad to see you included my pick of the Bundesliga Mike, Deryk Boyata. I repeat, he is a double of Van Dyk . Admittedly I only saw him for the first time against Union Berlin but he had charisma in the way he read the game – always in position and faultlessly turned defence into attack with amazing control, vision and sheer skill. I have never seen statistics like his after the game ( 100% challenges won and 90% passes achieved! I can only dream that we get him but I fear one of the big boys will do so.

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