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Five Straws to clutch at now or is it another ‘Gloriously Ambitions Failure’ before Judgement Day

How I’m coping with the rest of this window. ____________________ Life is full of many constants, more so than the conventional “Deaths and Taxes” as popular culture would have you believe. There is the constant of happiness and suffering. Everyone will have a little bit of each within the context of their own lives. When […]

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Atalanta - Napoli

Are we in for Higuain or are we not in for Higuain? Wenger make your mind up this time

How to solve a problem like Higuain  I saw a funny tweet the other day, it went something like this ‘’according to local reports, Gonzalo Higuain has undergone too many medical tests at Arsenal, and has now become a qualified doctor’’, I assure you that reading that as a tweet was a lot funnier than […]

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Arsenal’s transfer window and Wenger’s deadline day dealings

  We are nearly half way through the summer transfer window and Arsenal have still only made one major signing. For many Arsenal fans this is a frustrating time of year. We are usually linked with some top class players with proven goal-scoring records but never actually go in for them. But what we do […]

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Is Alexis Sanchez a potential centre-forward in an adjusted Arsenal system?

As I was watching Liverpool tear apart Manchester City at the end of November, a simple thought was playing at the back of mind: Liverpool hugely benefitted that day from having a mobile centre-forward. Yes, Roberto Firmino may not be your centre-forward of choice, he is far from a finished article, he had a lot […]

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Giroud vs City

Once again Arsenal reliant on the ever under-valued man – An ode to Olivier Giroud*

*not an ode, I’m not much of a poet Note: this piece was written before Arsenal took on West Brom When Theo Walcott limped off against Sheffield Wednesday, a collective gasp escaped the lips of Gooners all over the globe: the injury meant we were left with one fit striker. A situation all-too-familiar for Arsenal […]

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Why Benzema is the perfect final Piece to the Arsenal Jigsaw

Rumours of Benzema joining seem to be growing by the day and whilst I am sceptical of how valid all of this may be, I’m quite excited by the prospect. I have to say that there’s not a single striker in Europe more suitable to our needs right now than Benzema. This doesn’t mean he’s […]

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World Class Striker? You’re having a laugh.

Another brilliant post from Gunners Town guest writer @petitsponytail. Be sure to follow him on Twitter… — World class striker? You’re having a laugh Every day since this Godforsaken painstaking transfer window opened all I’ve seen is people calling for this mythical world class striker. It’s quite simple, my fellow Gooners – there’re only six […]

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Part 2 of the ‘Battle for 5th Place – A Gooner’s View of Other Clubs of the 2014-15 Season Part 7B

Hi everyone. This is part seven of my series of blogs about the status of the Premiership Clubs of the 2014-2015 Season following the conclusion of the League season. We are getting closer to the Arsenal in rivalry so this piece looking at Spurs and Liverpool was longer than those previously, so we broke this […]

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I am converted and a believer – The FA Cup MATTERS, winning MATTERS

Clive P’s 5 Points after Wembley! Cards on the table – I was one of those fans that used to say “the FA Cup and Carling Cup don’t matter – Its about the Champions League to attract top players and to keep the revenue stream” Well I think I must of had a blockage in […]

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Arsenal to assess on-loan starlet before spending in the summer transfer window; the need for momentum and FA Cup glory

Hello and welcome back to my Gunners Town blog. Don’t adjust the date on your phones, it is a Thursday, and it is the work of me (Matt Cotton) appearing before your very eyes. You see, I’m kind of the Mathieu Flamini of the Gunners Town team; not particularly attractive, but willing to fill in […]

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