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Worst. Season. Ever. How Wenger’s swansong season will end, and it isn’t pretty.

At present, we are lying 6th in the Premier League table with 45 points, 8 points behind Chelsea and 12 points behind Tottenham in 4th. We are a remarkable 30 points behind league leaders Manchester City, who put us to the sword for the second time in a week at the Emirates last night, having […]

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Wenger’s Shoes – though out of style – will still take some filling: who will be Arsenal’s Cinderella Manager?

  Not “If”, but “When” Nobody can say for sure when Wenger will leave Arsenal -except Arséne himself, of course – but the beleaguered manager has to go eventually. Surely? Most, it would seem, would prefer sooner rather than later. A bigger question might be: who is going to replace him? Events this summer indicate […]

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Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Winners and Losers in The Alexis-Mkhitaryan Swap Deal

Finally. Finally what has been the most drawn out transfer saga in recent memory came to an end at the top of the new week. Alexis swapped Colney for Carrington and the Armenian god Mkhitaryan came to North London where frequently parked buses are not regularly seen. Initially the word around town was that we […]

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I’m no Wenger fanboy – but he’s not to blame for being untied by United.

I have read some newspaper reports yesterday and today and it is a gloomy occupation this morning to be reading the comments by fans. The Arsene Out Brigade (of which I am a member), are venting their spleens this morning on Twitter, and looking for blood. They are seeking Wenger`s head and laying the blame […]

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Ozil slump

Gunners are found lacking as De Gea saves United from a spanking: AFC1MUFC3

The only place I can start today is to say just how massively disappointed I am. Disappointed with the result, disappointed with making a lot of despicable people happy, disappointed our fans went home on that freezing night empty-handed. Before the game there was a genuine buzz of excitement in and around the stadium. I’m […]

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Arsene Wenger watches on

Wenger 2.0 – Make It Real, Not Fantasy

Is Wenger changing? The stereotype of Wenger, at least before this season, has been: A (formerly) great manager A manager who seldom ever changes his team to suit the opposition A manager who cannot motivate his players for the big games A manager who believes that tactics is moot, and that sexy football conquers all […]

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Unhappy fans

“We’re a big club so we deserve to win the league” – Those Days are Gone Gunners, as Money Talks

Premier League (and Arsenal) fans are in for a shock this season. I honestly believe that 2017/18 is going to upset a lot of people. Any sense of entitlement will be severely challenged. “We’re a big club so we deserve to win the league” is a thing of the past. The EPL is traditionally dominated […]

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Spurs 7th and Poch 1st Fired: Arsenal View Season Predictions

Here are my predictions for the season for what it’s worth. Champions: Arsenal Runners up: Man City Those two are interchangeable. I’ve gone with heart and the fact that no Europe will be huge for Arsenal in first half of season (assuming Wengy sticks to his promise to play the kids). But in reality it’s […]

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Welbz vs United

The Ox’s Star is in the Ascendancy and Ramsey’s Rising again as Gunners Blow Jose Away

It’s amazing how much of a difference one win can make. Suddenly the season doesn’t look beyond salvation, the players don’t look beyond caring and the formation doesn’t look like a stop-gap solution. However what I think made this win stand out was: a) we’ve beaten a top six side b) this side is spearheaded […]

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It Needs to be Rob if Wenger is ‘Holding’ on to the Back 3 for visit of United

We face Manchester United today, but the game will definitely miss the spark of an important rivalry. It’s 5th vs 6th, and even a win won’t move Arsenal above United. In the end, whether we finish the campaign 5th or 6th doesn’t really matter. I have next to no hope we can break into the […]

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