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The man with the golden gloves...

Cech, please! Is it Time to Say Goodbye to the Man with the Golden Glove?

When Petr Čech joined, I was very happy. Surely it didn’t come as a surprise, as speculations went on for a couple of transfers windows, but I remember how satisfied I was, how happy I felt to finally have a top-class goalkeeper at the Club. Given his age, the Czech wasn’t a long-term choice but […]

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A Villain, if ever I saw one...

The Votes Are In: Coq Rules The Roost; Fabregas Never Fails To Disappoint

TBIF – The Weekly Gunners Town Crew Review Friday The 17th April, 2015 Welcome to Thank Bergkamp It’s Friday – where members of the Gunners Town writing team gather to take a look at the Arsenal week that’s just passed. It’s a simple format, really – each week, a smattering of our eclectic scribes will select a HERO, a VILLAIN, a HIGHLIGHT, and a LOWLIGHT from […]

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