The Votes Are In: Coq Rules The Roost; Fabregas Never Fails To Disappoint

TBIF – The Weekly Gunners Town Crew Review

Friday The 17th April, 2015

Welcome to Thank Bergkamp It’s Friday – where members of the Gunners Town writing team gather to take a look at the Arsenal week that’s just passed. It’s a simple format, really – each week, a smattering of our eclectic scribes will select a HERO, a VILLAIN, a HIGHLIGHT, and a LOWLIGHT from the previous seven days.

Lastly they will share what is in their ‘HEADLIGHTs‘, which could be a player to watch, a worry for a forthcoming match, a potential banana-skin to look out for…. 

We’d love to know what you think: do you agree/disagree? Did we miss something? If you would like to participate, please add your selections in the Comments below…

-~• HERO •~-

A shout out to a person/organization that you feel has done something praiseworthy in the past week.

Awolowo: Coquelin: Ramsey secured us all three points at Turf Moor but Le Coq was excellent once again and having shown consistency since his return to the team, might just change Arsene’s mind about recruiting a screener this summer.

Michael:  Ricardo Quaresma. Doing what we failed to do and taking advantage of the opportunities Bayern can give you. *stares at Mesut*

Alex: Francis Coquelin. Single-handedly won us the points at Turf Moor.

Matt: Everyone should probably pick Francis Coquelin, so I’m going to pick Danny Welbeck. I felt that he made a real difference coming on against Burnley, stretching their defence with his pace and powering his way into some goalscoring opportunities. We looked far more likely to find the second goal when he came on, and we probably should have.

Paul: Francis Coquelin has enjoyed his fifteen minutes games of fame, and it’s great to see. Can’t help but wonder how many other Arsenal ‘failures’ might have made it, given the second chance…

My coq, say what

Who’s yer daddy?

HERO of the Week: Francis Coquelin


-~• VILLAIN •~-

A shout-down to a person/organization that you feel has done something shameworthy in the past week.

Awolowo: Alan Curbishley: For suggesting Arsenal still need a “couple” of defenders.

Michael: I’m going with Lee Mason – yet another woeful refereeing display. Missing one of the most blatant penalties of all time and somehow managing to allow Sissoko to only serve a one game ban.

Alex: QPR’s keeper, Green. What the hell was he thinking, giving Chelsea the three points they didn’t deserve?!

Matt: Rui Faria, Chelsea’s assistant coach. Why? Regardless of whether he intentionally celebrated in Chris Ramsey’s face last week or not (personally, I think the camera angle did him no favours in this instance – benefit of the doubt and all that) he’s still a dick.

Paul: Fabregas – (the silly bunt) for somehow managing to pop up at exactly the wrong time, doing exactly the wrong thing. At least he’s consistent.

Send yourself off, Lee - you're a disgrace.

Send yourself off, Lee – you’re a disgrace.

VILLAIN of the Week: Lee Mason + Lousy Refs


The most memorable or poignant moment of the past week. Typically an event, rather than a person/organization.

Awolowo: Keeping a clean sheet away from home in the league, for the first time since The win over City I believe.

Michael: Sitting down to watch United v City knowing full well we’d benefit in someway because we’d done our job.

Alex: The article in Telegraph on why Arsenal can beat Chelsea to the title. Closely followed by United ready to pay RvP a lot of cash to just get rid of him

Matt: Mesut Özil. Again, not only is he playing well, but his YaGunnersYa tweets are just sublime. Big shout out to Alexis Sánchez for loving dogs too.

Paul: Watching Porto rip Bayern a new one in the Champions League. Seeing Neuer suffer is the height of Schädenfreude for me.

Neuer needs a new broom.

Neuer needs a new broom.

HIGHLIGHT of the Week: No Outright Winner


-~• LOWLIGHT •~-

The most forgettable or disappointing moment of the past week. Typically an event, rather than a person/organization.

Awolowo: Struggling to create chances at Burnley.

Michael: Seeing Fabregas nick a late winner.

Alex: Re-opened debate on whether we should replace Wenger with Klopp at the end of the season. No we shouldn’t

Matt: Chelsea’s last minute goal against Queens Park Rangers. They’ve fluked it the last three games with goalkeeping errors benefitting them but, ultimately, we could say that they’re champions grinding out results when not playing well. Still, it was a bit shit.

Paul: Got to be the fact that Chelsea are still on track to win the league. Add Fabregas to the list of traitors (Nasri, van Persie…) who have lifted the trophy after leaving Arsenal. Grrrr…

A Villain, if ever I saw one...

A Villain, if ever I saw one…

LOWLIGHT of the Week: Chelsea’s Last Gasp Win



A prediction or warning for the week ahead. Perhaps a banana skin that we need to look out for; the return of a player; something you are looking forward to…

Awolowo: Only one thing to look forward to this weekend: Wembley.


Alex: Should be fully concentrated on the task at hand: Reading. Cannot underestimate any team which got into the FA Cup semi-final.

Matt: Nobody giving a rat’s ass about Aston Villa, Reading or ourselves possibly getting to the FA Cup final when the focus goes back to being on Steven Gerrard…picking up splinters.

Paul: Duh. Wembley!

Still on track to keep Wembley Red...

Still on track to keep Wembley Red…

HEADLIGHT of the Week: Wembley – FA Cup Semi-Final


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