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EXCLUSIVE WEXIT UPDATE – The Wenger Out Campaign has gone Global but now it is SERIOUS!!

The Wenger Out campaign is now getting serious !!! First there were protests outside The Emirates Then there were protests in The Emirates Then there were protests on The Emirates Then there we protest over Birmingham Then in Rome In Thailand In Kenya And here in Australia But now it’s getting really serious……. Steve WellmanEnglish […]

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Be at the front or just been in the number

Every Good Story has an Ending Arsene (A Protest update and film exclusive)

So, two protests in and so far it’s going well; no trouble bar a couple of cretins on Saturday, Police have been cooperative, we know the club are concerned and the numbers, despite the presumably club led media spin, have been healthy. If you want to say it’s ‘100 fans’ then feel free, but all […]

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