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In Life, as in Football, North London will always be RED

Whatever justification any Spud or Chelsea fan tries to use, it’s all in vain. Thursday officially proved that LONDON IS RED. Enough Said Steve WellmanEnglish by birth, Australian by choice. Traffic Engineer, Arsenal ST Holder, Sun DreamTeam Winner, Writer on @GunnersTown, Depeche Mode, Welcome to my world…

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Ryan Mason over Jack Wilshere – You Poor Misguided Middlesex Fools

I was sat on the ferry on the way to work on Monday morning, leisurely thumbing through my timeline when for some inexplicable reason a post for SpurredOnTv appeared. (A very poor substitute for ArsenalFanTv)   60 seconds cos you can’t talk about the spuds for longer than that without laughing Out of morbid curiosity […]

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