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Nigel and DS

Play with a Legend’s Nigel Winterburn reveals 97/98 to be the greatest Arsenal team he played in

Last Sunday ahead of the Everton match, thanks to ‘Play with a Legend’ I was able to not only play a small sided football match with some fellow fans at the AFC Community Hub, but also to meet and play against Arsenal hero. Nigel ‘Nutty’ Winterburn. I could barely walk for a few days but […]

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1989 BP (Before Premier League) – Memories of the 26th May 1989

1989 BP (Before Premier League) SkySports won’t talk about because it’s pre-Premier League and therefore didn’t actually happen. But for us Gooners, 26th May 1989 was the most traumatic, dramatic and euphoric 90 minutes of our lives. With the release of the documentary ’89’ on 20th November (29th for us in Australia 😟) I thought […]

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30 Years On this Midfield Hardman and Playmaker would walk into Arsenal’s Midfield

So it is back to the 1980’s for this week’s trip down memory lane to revisit a player whose time with The Arsenal was all too brief. It was said at the time that when he played well Arsenal played well. It is our highly combative midfield playmaker Steve Williams.   Willow could control the […]

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Perry Groves: “We have wasted an opportunity”

Welcome the Gunners’ town has been speaking to club legend, Perry Groves. The former winger gave us his views on if Cesc Fabregas should stay, where Arsenal have gone wrong this season, and what might have been different if Sir Alex Ferguson did take that job in 1986. WTTGT

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