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Arsenal Fans transfer angst – Is it too early to moan?

Let us relax – Arsenal transfers and angst     We as Gooners know the drill, right? We’re all anxiously checking Google, Twitter, Facebook, or any online media (or any media, full STOP) for news on transfers. We hear stories that “personal terms have been agreed” for x player. We then read that “y player […]

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Arsenal’s Plate Spinning Transfer Window Explained – It is so simple!!

Much has been written about just how many players Arsenal have been linked to already in this transfer window and of course, this is no different to any other window in reality. The question is less why are we linked to so many players but more why does that surprise anyone. In fact, being linked […]

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Top 5 Things to keep an eye on in this Arsenal Transfer Window

Here were are post season and Arsenal and their frustrated fan base enter a summer of frenzied media and social media speculation of who will arrive and who will depart the playing staff ahead of the 2019/20 campaign. What we all know, or think we know is that having failed in his first season to […]

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