Arsenal’s Plate Spinning Transfer Window Explained – It is so simple!!


Much has been written about just how many players Arsenal have been linked to already in this transfer window and of course, this is no different to any other window in reality. The question is less why are we linked to so many players but more why does that surprise anyone.

In fact, being linked with so many different players in so many positions may be so much more than the media guess and using click-bait headlines. If we believed the tabloids or the BBC Gossip round up, we fans might feel the transfer policy at the Arsenal is nothing more than a lottery or a gamble on the football themed slots we can play to get our football fix in the close season. The truth is more likely akin perhaps, to a series of educated gambles or an almost daily poker game, with Arsenal and its negotiating team playing with their best poker faces.

It is logical that Arsenal are looking at numerous players in arguably similar positions. It is not indecision but more likely to be a case of keeping similar looking but different priced plates spinning, whilst busily trying to sell older cracked, unwanted plates for the best price possible before catching and securing the best and shiniest new plate.

In other words Arsenal ‘might’ actually be spinning a Zaha plate, a Carrasco plate and a Fraser plate whilst trying to sell or part-exchange a slightly soiled Elneny, Mustafi or Chambers plate, or even a shattered, previously sought after Ozil plate.


One of 3 plates in play?

A further complication in this high stakes plate spinning game when other plate spinning players are aware of the plate buying war chest of the Arsenal plate spinners. Consequently it is in the Arsenal plate spinning team’s interests to know they have buyers for the unwanted plates before the plate sellers of the plates they are interested in buying are aware of that fact.

On top of that, Arsenal have an added factor that also comes into play because they two high quality plates, that whilst recently broken, are at various stages of being glued back together. Arsenal’s team hope that one defensive plate will be as good as new for pre-season but another beautiful Spanish plate; they anticipate being mended and back to its original lustre may not be so until November. This leaves the Arsenal plate spinners pondering a move for an alternative right sided defensive plate, because they have discarded one old alternative plate and may not trust the one remaining in the cupboard, or think that plate may be better in midfield.

I hope that clears up why Arsenal might appear to be rather random and scatter gun in their approach, if we believe all the links. Therefore, I guess the only question that remains is whether we all trust the Arsenal plate spinning team.


Do you trust this plate spinner?

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One Response to Arsenal’s Plate Spinning Transfer Window Explained – It is so simple!!

  1. Victor Thompson June 14, 2019 at 10:19 am #

    Sorry Dave, but having read this article, my head is fair spinning. I wish someone would hold the plates for an old man to give me a chance to follow them.

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