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Arsene Who?

Seasons don’t fear the reaper and Gooners shouldn’t fear change! – The Times they are a-Changin’

Given our all too predictable self-imploding demise this campaign we have seen our manager’s future come back into question. The Old Trafford debacle and Swansea shower seemed to break more straws on more camel’s backs than ever before. Then in the aftermath of such collapses comes the usual concerns with changing Le Prof. People voice […]

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That's what the little boy in this photo said

‘Schadenfreude’ – We must not laugh at RVP. oh well maybe a little Snigger!!

Literal translation “harm-joy” The feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune.   Now I know it’s rude to laugh at those less fortunate than yourself but I just want to take a moment and snigger at the fall from grace of ‘Just some Robin that I used to know’ […]

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Exclusively Revealed – What Fergie said to Van Gaal about Coquelin.

  Who is this Francis Coquelin they speak of? A friend of my cousin’s dog sitter’s milkman used to drink with the ex-postboy in Miers Porgan’s office at The Spews of the World. He was clearing out the ex-owners desk & found a laptop still connected to the internet & bizarrely it was still recording […]

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