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The other top sides styles are known but Arsenal are In Desperate Need of a New Identity?

I·den·ti·ty  /īˈden(t)ədē/ (Noun)  the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. what Arsenal have lost over the past few seasons. Arsenal are in the midst of an identity crisis. For large portions of the past few seasons, our style of football has been unrecognizable and difficult to classify. Arsenal seem like […]

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Özil’s Final Assist for Arsenal? Helping himself to the Exit.

I have an awful feeling Mesut Ozil’s final assist in an Arsenal jersey will be to himself–an assist that helps him pioneer a move away from Arsenal Football club. His deployment within our system this season has simply not catered to his strengths and he knows it. It will be an unpopular opinion, but I […]

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Will He Won't He?

Arsene’s Trust Bank Hits An All-Time Low

Gunners Town is pleased to host this guest post by James Howson (@BigJimmy_V) Is Arsene running out of trust? On Saturday after defeat to West Brom, during the post-match press conference Arsene Wenger disclosed that he has made a decision about his future, that he hasn’t told anyone and we will soon find out what […]

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Is that a wave? Or a 'wait'?

Arsenal Crushed by the Weight of Wenger’s Waiting Game

Will he stay or will he go? Not sure about you, but I’m really sick of Arsène Wenger’s new contract saga and, for one, found absolutely clumsy – at best – and disrespectful what he said post-West Brom, when he claimed he made a decision and “we will know soon. Very soon.” This is not […]

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Coleman celebrates

Arsenal didn’t lose that game- Everton won it

I have long criticised Arsenal for not trying, poor tactics, Badly coached defence etc. Now here we are having been beaten 2-1 by Everton which on paper should have been a fairly straightforward task. Many Arsenal fans, especially those who travelled to the game will be traipsing out one or more of the above complaints, […]

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Sanchez - Chile

And the new Real World Champions are…

Sanchez snatchez World Title for Chile… Following on from Tuesday’s blog… The Gunners Town team and I would like to congratulate Alexis Sanchez and the rest of the Chilean team on their 3-1 victory over Uruguay and being crowned the Real World Champions. Now please stay fit for Saturday !!!!! Steve WellmanEnglish by birth, Australian […]

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Star Man Özil – is he the new Bergkamp? Or even better?

Let us start off with an image which I am sure will bring warmth to a lot of Gooner hearts, the Champions League team of the week from . Go on, take a look, weep a little. Tell your friends and their friends. Go hire an open top bus to go through town shouting […]

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The new Gervinho?

Alexis the new Gervinho?

invinciblogI was eleven-and-a-half. My family had just emigrated from Rhodesia to South Africa. All the kids on my street supported United or Liverpool, because of their Southern African goalkeeper connections: Bailey for United and Grobbelaar for ‘Pool. Problem was: I didn’t like the colour red – so when FA Cup Final day came around in […]

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New Year, Same Old Problems – Can Arsenal Turn Things Around?

The greatest threat to Arsenal’s title chances, is Arsenal. We seamlessly transition from the stratospheric heights of sublime perfection to the abysmal depths of hopeless ineptitude. When Arsenal fans are knocking on heaven’s doors, they are advised to declare that they support Arsenal. The range of emotions that one experiences as an Arsenal supporter is quite […]

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Clean sheets or cool beats: Cech’s got you covered

Players busk for the Arsenal Foundation Petr Cech and ‘Santr’ Clause rocked out to carols last week to create a special Christmas song, to raise awareness of the Arsenal Foundation. Alexis Sanchez and Nacho Monreal joined the band with Alexis on the keyboard and Nacho on the bells. The song is released ahead of Arsenal’s […]

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