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The Evolution of the Premier League since 1992/93

1992 was a milestone year for the English Premier League. The highly commercialized league was to make a break from the past once and for all. It was the turning point year when the gap between the best and the rest widened considerably. Since then the super clubs have become richer thanks to a combination of advertising […]

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Arsene Wenger’s life in “Red and White”: a few things I’d like to see in Le Prof’s autobiography

    Our esteemed former manager Arsene Wenger announced that his autobiography will be released soon. Wenger still evokes mixed feelings amongst the fan base. Which for me is sad. Look – I wanted him to go a few years before he did. He was not developing tactically, and we were being left behind accordingly. […]

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Back 3, Front 2, Ozil? So many decisions for Emery for visit of Man United

This fixture inevitably brings up comparisons of yesteryear, when Wenger was in his peak, and Sir Alex Ferguson was in his pomp. This was arguably the greatest title rivalry in Premier League history – bigger than United/Blackburn, United/Newcastle, or United/Chelsea, or United/City. Both us and United have similar values, attitudes, and history of success (albeit […]

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Will Arsenal be a post-Sir Alex Man United 2.0?

I don’t think so….(really I don’t….)   So it’s been decided. Wenger is leaving. I’ve been Wenger out for a while now. But then I hold strongly mixed emotions in this context. I’m both surprised and unsurprised. It had to happen, but I didn’t anticipate it at this time. Moreover, whilst the latter years were […]

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Welbeck Milan 2

The Talented Mr. Welbeck

After seeing Welbeck play well and finish poorly vs. AC Milan, and seeing “The Talented Mr. Ripley” from my film collection, I’ve been musing on the “Talanted Mr. Welbeck”. Is he a bad player? Did Man United sell us a dud? Is “Dat Guy Welbz” ‘not Arsenal quality’? Let’s see, shall we? No, he’s not […]

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Then and now

Is Arsene Wenger the answer or is Arsenal, Arsene Wenger’s answer? – A Picture of Legend who cannot let go

 I have placed this wonderful heartfelt article in Victor’s column. Howver the author is Victor’s son. also named Victor – Over to Victor Junior with his: ‘Confessions of an Arsenist’ As we enter Arsene Wenger’s twenty-first year at the helm of Arsenal Football Club, the glories of times gone by have become all too distant […]

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Crossroads Again

With Arsenal at a Crossroads now as they were in 1995 – Which is the Right Road for the Future?

1995 and today…..some key parallels. 1995 was the last truly “bad” year for Arsenal. Things weren’t good. Maybe it’s being spoilt by Wenger, I don’t know. But good or bad are relative terms. Compared to pre-Graham even, it was in some ways our worst season since the mid-1970s. Namely: We finished 12th place Bar Seaman, […]

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The longest goodbye

Arsene Wenger – The Longest Goodbye to the Heavy Weight who has stayed too long in the ring

Plenty has been written about Arsene Wenger over the last two decades of his tenure at The Arsenal and I daresay more will be said over the decades that follow his departure, whenever that may be. As most people are aware his successes on the field came within the first decade where he awoke a […]

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Netherlands Soccer Champions League

631,138,519.87 Seconds with Arsene Wenger – A Supporters Personal Tribute

This article was posted on Laurie’s personal blog. It simply deserves a wider audience and I hope Gunners Twon can give it one. You can follow Laurie @laurielaker 631,138,519.87 Seconds Or, Twenty Years with Arsene Wenger, OBE. By Laurie Laker   I am twenty-seven years of age. I was born under the late-December skies of […]

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