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An Ode to the North London Derby

. Two days to wait for the match we long for North London bragging rights and so much more Always special to special to beat Spurs but now with added sheen The extra incentive of putting one over, our old mate Maureen To wipe the smug smile from his face To end their hopes of […]

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Ramsey is the Hero of the week as Borinhogate drags on and the Gunners mark a special 20th Anniversary in North London

TBIF – The Weekly Gunners Town Crew Review Friday The 8th May, 2015 Welcome to Thank Bergkamp It’s Friday – where members of the Gunners Town writing team gather to take a look at the Arsenal week that’s just passed. It’s a simple format, really – each week, a smattering of our eclectic scribes will select a HERO, a VILLAIN, a HIGHLIGHT, and a LOWLIGHT from […]

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