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1977:  Portrait of Liam Brady of Arsenal.  Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

Brady Birthday Tribute – ‘Brady Brady’ Born is the King of Highbury

All aboard the time machine. I’ve set the dial back to 1973 for this week’s Highbury Hero. To the time when an Irish wizard with a left foot like a wand burst onto the scene and became one of the finest players ever to pull on an Arsenal shirt. Worshipped by the Arsenal fans, including […]

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Wenger is not the problem – Modern Football is. He deserves more Respect.

By Guest Writer Arse Or Brain The debate rages on: the following article is a well-thought out response in the comments section of a Gunners Town article by Nick Birch posted earlier, that suggests the following: It would be better to fix the thing that is breaking the team, than trying to fix the team […]

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