Wenger is not the problem – Modern Football is. He deserves more Respect.

By Guest Writer Arse Or Brain

The debate rages on: the following article is a well-thought out response in the comments section of a Gunners Town article by Nick Birch posted earlier, that suggests the following:

It would be better to fix the thing that is breaking the team, than trying to fix the team – i.e. replacing Arséne Wenger

I thought this was a well thought out and reasoned argument, which is better than many of those who want Arséne removed. However there are holes in your argument which simply don’t stack up.

Firstly your opening comment about supporters from the teams above us not wanting to trade places with us. Are you honestly saying spud supporters wouldn’t trade places with us? (And if you only include the last five years Liverpool as well..?) Leaving only three clubs in the whole of the land that have a better record over the last five years, and that’s City, Manure and Chelski – the three richest clubs in the world – and the three we are miles behind in terms of finances. I have been a supporter for nearly 50 years and I can tell you that is a better position than many of the seasons I have followed and loved the club. When you think there were times when Leeds, Villa, Forrest, Everton and the spuds were on a par with us, our current position is not as bad as you make out.

I am very much old-school, and I loved Highbury. But anyone who sat behind a pillar, or sat at the back of the East Stand so could’t see the ball going over head height, or even those who couldn’t get tickets at all in the final seasons must admit we needed a new stadium. Having established the fact the new stadium was needed, we need to accept the huge financial burden this has put upon us – especially when you then consider how the financial landscape has changed against us which could not have been considered at the time.

On the point of ex-players, all fans will always fondly remember their heroes – and will have that place in their heart for them – but players (most of whom are not ARSENAL supporters and whose only affilliation to the club is their playing time) that constantly criticize and are never positive about anything towards the club cannot be respected as men – even if we respected them as players. At the end of the day I am an ARSENAL supporter and I will defend my club against anyone. ARSENAL will live forever, whereas players will come and go – no matter how good they were. The way some players left the club: Stapleton, Fab , RVP, Adi… tarnished their playing career and unfortunately the same can be said of the behaviour of some ex-players and comments they make.

Bob Wilson: a legend and a gentleman

Bob Wilson: a legend and a gentleman

All players should remember they had bad games and runs of form in their time and speaking is easy. I will always refer these players to the ultimate gentleman and ARSENAL ambassador – Bob Wilson – as an example of how to conduct oneself after they have left the club.

I agree some of our performances in each season are atrocious and extremely frustrating, however – as you said – when we’re good the football is fantasic. I suspect this is part of your frustration: when you know we have a team capable of beating anyone, that can then perform so badly. However think back to when we had teams that quite simply weren’t capable of beating the bigger sides, and then you realise what we have now is not at all bad.

On some of your analysis of what we need I can agree, although bringing top players in when we are not even in the top seven choices around europe is difficult and so some of the players we have brought in are very impressive. Once again you have to temper what we haven’t succeeded with in the transfer windows with what we have – and again when you look at it overall we aren’t that bad.

I have seen fans blame Arséne and the ARSENAL board for things that are the fault of the Premier League and modern football. ”We want our ARSENAL back” just simply will not happen in today’s football – as much as I would like a return to a lot of the old football days.

The worst thing you can accuse Arséne of is under-performance, although I don’t totally agree. To say because of that you don’t want a dignified end to his career at a club where he has been so loyal, and turned down many other clubs to stay here, is criminal and weakened your argument immensely.

At the end of the day Wenger is the most successful manager in our history, and however frustrated you feel, you must judge him on the club’s entire history – and when he goes, give nothing but respect.

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6 Responses to Wenger is not the problem – Modern Football is. He deserves more Respect.

  1. NetBulger February 3, 2018 at 1:53 pm #

    A very welcome, honest assessment with which I agree wholeheartedly. The teams with most money attract the best players and coaches and, over the long term, win the most tournaments. It is little surprise that, fuelled by Arabian oil money and Russian funds of very doubtful origin, Chel$ki, Man City, PSG and Monaco have come from ‘also-rans’ (or ‘ran in lower leagues’) to prominence. Interestingly in the last two years where financial reports are available, Chel$ki have funded their title win by losing (£22M) in 2015 and (£70M) in 2016. A very different business model, only sustainable through injection of Abramovich funds, better known as “If you can’t win it, buy it” and a model to which The Arsenal does not ascribe. They have my respect and admiration as a consequence.

  2. eezzee February 3, 2018 at 1:57 pm #

    Great article. Too many people out there (including shearer,that fool Ian Wright and the intellectually challenged Danny murphy ) open there mouths and spout utter rubbish because that’s what they are paid to do .One of the reasons I have taken to watching football with the volume turned off is because these are paid to say what they are told to say Most people that criticise Arsene Wenger have no clue what it takes to do the job. I note shearers only experience in management is to get his team relegated. What Arsene Wenger has achieved at Arsenal is truly remarkable. I am sure a lot of Leeds and Blackburn would agree. When teams were kicking lumps out of Arsenal (remember Eduardo ramsey diaby etc etc) these idiots and people displaying a similar lack of intellect said man up yor all southern softies Now that man city have complained people sit up and take notice( money talks). Arsene Wenger is an honest and hugely capable manager surrounded by idiots not fit to tie his bootlaces

  3. Ben February 3, 2018 at 3:49 pm #

    Evolve or Die!

    I have been a gooner for 30 years through some good and bad times and completely understand the argument in this article but feel it is only partially true..
    Yes we can’t compete with chelski, manure and shity but we are far richer than the spuds and Liverpool yet if we are honest are now behind both of them.
    It pains me to admit for the first time in my life spurs are 100% a better team than us and on a smaller budget… that is not down to luck it is down to forward thinking football that has evolved under poch.
    Wenger has not moved with the times and still tries to play the same way again and again with very little sign of any specific tactics game after game. We have heard from many players that he doesn’t prepare for teams specifically, he just hopes we play better..
    In the early days of his tenure we had arguably the best team on paper so would be able to outplay most teams every week. Now we have a top 6 squad and he expects to roll over harder working sides who are tactically advanced of us. It won’t always happen as the gulf in class isn’t what it was.
    Big Sam is the prime example of us not evolving, he came up with a blueprint to cause us issues many years ago yet time and time again wenger tries to play them off the park rather than counter their tactics.

    Look at Bayern last year, they are a better side than us but wenger hoped we would outplay them. Yes it can happen but maybe only 1 in 5 times. We lost 10-2 which is appalling.
    Why not set up to counter their tactics and stop them scoring and hope to catch on break (as lesser sides do to us). Yes it isn’t attractive but I’d rather a chance to get to the next round than playing pretty and losing most times to big sides.

    I’m sure we would all take the tactics away to city 2 years back… won 2-0 with 10 men behind the ball?

    I love that we gen try to play attractive football but at the end of the day 3 points is more important.

    There is no trophy for trying to play the best quality football..

  4. Ken February 3, 2018 at 5:14 pm #

    A bunch of fools trying to defend the undefendable.
    Yes, Wenger is a an expired coach. He is a liar and you cannot be beaten 10-2 by Bayern and pretend you can still coach one of the sixth richest club in the world.
    It is not about having to spend money, it is about making a profit each transfer window despite big, big holes in the squad. We cannot defend, why can’t the coach settle the matter? Well eezzee , you shut off the sound, but you cannot see properly also. Have you seen Bellerin defending? Just look at him objectively during a match. Next time, you’ll be afraid when you see him in the team list. So nobody teaches him how to defend, to tackle?
    So what is Wenger doing?
    In fact he is relying on people like you, who cannot hear, see and think. A bloody mess that’s what we are into. No progress, no prospect, only bloody lies from a stubborn old man picking his 10 m each year to deceive people and make money for Stan. He can only manage the books these days but that also wll dry.

  5. James Parkins February 5, 2018 at 3:30 pm #

    Complete and utter nonsense, you are as deluded as the old clown. Hopefully you will leave our fan base when he leaves teh club.

  6. Marble Halls TV February 5, 2018 at 7:14 pm #

    I don’t agree, though I am Wenger Out. There have been times in recent years where we could have won the league, bar tactical and mentality errors.

    The manager must be the cause of this.

    Comparing to earlier eras is moot, since standards always change. In the 1970s and 80s, the competition and moneies were not the same. With our current global presence, which we didn’t have decades ago, we are not fulfilling this. Hence why the manager needs to go.

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