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Wenger hits back as disgraceful Stoke fans hit new low with Ramsey chant

ARSENAL CIRCULAR 127 There is a warm-hearted community character to football. The minute’s silence for a recently deceased favourite or the alternative – the energetic applause. Both work and both represent a coming together of fans in numbers to display affection and remembrance and solidarity. But football is capable of the opposite and at Stoke we […]

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Ozil and Giroud the Assist and Goal kings hold the key today

Hello and welcome to Stoke City vs Arsenal LIVE… brought to you by Arsenal’s official car and van rental parter Europcar. Arsenal no longer sit at the top of the table as they go into this second away trip on the bounce after overcoming an early deficit to pick up a point in Wednesday’s Anfield […]

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Arsenal players celebrate the opening goal

Arsenal 2-0 Stoke: profligate Gunners get the much-deserved points

I’ll start my review with two simple facts: Jack Butland would be my MoM if I could have voted him. The man made 10 saves. That’s more than Petr Cech against Liverpool (8). If you can’t enjoy the win and the performance because Arsenal were quite profligate again (or for any other reason), I suggest […]

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Arsenal vs Stoke

Stoke shouldn’t be able to harm us at the Emirates if we find our goalscoring boots

Stoke At home against the Potters we’ve always been able to conjure up some magic and soundly beat them, (see what I did there), whilst away from home we tend to lose. We’re at the Emirates for our Saturday lunchtime kick-off so I would normally be more confident going into the game, but given our […]

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Match reviews and transfer blues

Captain’s log star-date something something something point 2. I’ve been sitting in my Captain’s chair for 8 hours staring at the stars on the viewscreen. I’m so bored. I want to start a war or something to spice things up. I’m gonna hail the nearest Klingon ship and call them something rude. That’ll liven the […]

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Total change in midfield 3 from Arteta, Wilshere and Roscicky to Flamini, Ramsey and Ozil

The Michael Jeffares Column The positivity rumbles on for another week and it’s great to see the side brimming with self belief in every game. That said at the end of the Stoke game it was notable that two of our players sat down on due to pure exhaustion – Giroud and Ramsey.  Two players […]

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