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Remember to Support The Arsenal through ‘thick and thin’ as Class is Permanent

Glory hunters? Yes, most of us are down at the state of our club at the moment. Still, I’ve seen and read a lot of interesting comments lately. Maybe it’s just me, but then they are things I take issue with. Namely, that fans “won’t support the club again” if we don’t improve. Or “they […]

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If not, jog on with the plastics and the glory hunters

Come on Lads – Support The Arsenal or Jog on with the Plastics and the Glory Hunters

Support The Arsenal or The Arsenal   I’m not one to slag off fellow Gooners on how they support The Arsenal. It’s your choice, your opinions, your way. But recently it’s been getting beyond ridiculous. Some of the feeds I follow on Facebook and Twitter are beginning to test my faith in my fellow Arsenal […]

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