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We wait

As Anger turns to Apathy is the ‘Long Wait’ for Arsenal without Wenger nearly over?

WE WAIT The one thing you cannot accuse any Arsenal fan of is impatience. I told a friend that I am an Arsenal fan and the first thing she said was that “I guess you are used to heartbreaks then”. I think that is the narrative among non-Arsenal football fans. But the reality is that […]

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Fans fight

Arsenal Fans Are Singing Out Of Tune – Remember Victory Through Harmony?

Stop the fighting fellow Gooners…. I’m just here just to share my views with fellow Gooners. I’m not a pontificator, and I cannot say what is what. But one way I live my life is that nobody has all the answers. We all have opinions. Many of us have strongly-held opinions, I know I do. […]

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