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Amidst the bad – what is Arsenal’s good? An Arsenal Yin and Yang

The narrative around Arsenal has been negative lately. This is understandable. For years, we’ve been mismanaged and under performing on and off the pitch. We’ve been hamstrung and limited by our owners, and this has seen us not challenge for the league, and see top players leave for the same reasons. Aubameyang could yet be […]

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Au Revoir Arsene and Hola Unai – One Man’s view of a club in transition.

For fans on the red side of North London, it has now been over a year since we said au revoir to Arsene Wenger and Hola to Unai Emery. I was actually born before Arsene actually took the manager reigns of a club, I had come to love so much. All I have known pretty […]

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Not the man to complete rebuild

We have been used dining on Caviar at Wenger’s table, eating Frogspawn is just not the same.

I was very saddened on Monday this week driving along listening to the presenters on Talksport debating which team this season played the most exciting and attractive football. The conversation, unsurprisingly had arisen after Sunday’s thriller, and no I do not mean drab affair at the Vitality. Obviously and indisputably Liverpool and Man City play […]

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The acclaim

The Perfect Wengerball Goal by Giroud Analysed in Detail stage by stage

This blog is written for one purpose and one purpose only, namely, to celebrate the goal that ended with big man Ollie staring at the giant screen in amazement after scoring the goal of 2017 on the first day of the year. We can break the goal down to each integral piece of the puzzle […]

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Losing a Wenger Arsenal Identity in 2016?

After 20 Years of a ‘Wenger’s Arsenal Identity’ are we losing the Identity in his final year?

It has been the longest month of the year, and as a Gunner, it has also felt like Groundhog Day, every single day the team has stepped on to the field in this gay ole month of November. Ha! Coming into this month we have been inundated with news stories about how this month has […]

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Arsene Wenger’s Chorus – Money, game, faith, truth!

Money, game, faith, truth Now I will fess up and say, I’m not particularly a Macklemore fan and before I’d read this quote I hadn’t heard of the song but I actually quite like it and I believe the chorus sums up Arsene to a tee. “Make the money, don’t let the money make you’ […]

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Nietzsche Knows Best on Wenger – “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Arsene arrived at Arsenal on 1st October 1996, under a blaze of overwhelming mockery. The press didn’t know him, the fans didn’t know him and the players didn’t know him. Tony Adams summed up the general consensus; “At first, I thought, What does this Frenchman know about football? He wears glasses and looks more like […]

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Mourinho playing the same players all season could be costly as ‘Wengerball’ Arsenal with returning stars look fresh?

Triumph against the Hammers has placed us 6 points under Chelsea for what’s likely to be a very short period. It does have me contemplating what result I desire in tomorrow’s game between Chelsea and Southampton, well to be honest it doesn’t, rarely do I ever want to see Chelsea win and an away victory […]

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