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Lokonga is not a Partey Partner for now – Scouting Report from Belgium

Albert Sambi Lokonga Scouting Report It is that time of year and before we can at least divert our attention the Euros, Arsenal fans are in complete meltdown about players we have not signed, may never want to sign or of course the plethora we are linked to signing. The latest potential partner for Partey, […]

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Is it Neves and Bissouma to replace Xhaha as Partey Partners?

With many of the Arsenal faithful still bemoaning the fact that Aston Villa beat the club to the signature of Buendia, our attention turns to a position on the pitch that I believe is far more crucial. The Argentinian may well be hugely talented, but my feeling is that we are blessed with young creative […]

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Is Neves the Xkaka upgrade Arsenal need to release Partey?

Whilst fans await the festival of football that we hope the delayed Euros will be, Arenal fans are using their down time to moan about the players we have not signed in the first few days of the summer transfer window. Having missed out, apparently, on Emi Buendia, the club are now being linked, to […]

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The Controller and His Joystick – Undecided on Arteta as Arsenal’s Season Goes Down The Plug

The Controller and his joystick POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES It was the 70th minute yesterday. For the first time this season, I’d lost hope. Actually, that’s not true. There have been others. I felt without hope because I knew everything that Arsenal were going to do next. Nothing came as a surprise. More importantly, Unai […]

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Have you noticed? – This Squad CARE and Arteta has transformed Arsenal to be the best DEFENCE in the Premier League

Have you noticed? POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I think it’s pretty normal for football fans to notice the following; great performances, poor performances, glaring opportunities, eye catching individualism, big effort, lack of effort and man of the match candidates. There are more but that’s enough. What I’m starting to notice with the current Arsenal team […]

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A Transfer window to ensure the right experience to blend with the Best Arsenal Youth since George Graham inherited in 1986.

It is ‘that’ time of year again, crazy season, the January Transfer Window. Because of the unusual end to last season and the consequent later summer window we find ourselves back here swiftly. The mid-season opportunity to strengthen is of course, always trickier for clubs, with value harder to find and for Arsenal, Edu and […]

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Risktakers are Rewarded – Saka’s Small risks pay Big rewards!

Small risks, Big rewards POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES When confidence is spoken of we think of the ball and how confident we look when we have it. When I was young we didn’t care about clean sheets and defending was certainly not the whole team. Two thoughts that have much truth attached. Times have changed […]

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It’s time to get in the ambulance before Arsenal Rot v3.0 sets in

It’s time to get in the ambulance The Positives, Needs and Hopes will return but I don’t think they are relevant today. I think this is more relevant… Over the last few years I’ve been avoiding the doctor. I didn’t feel right and knew I needed to go but fear and the hope for a […]

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No-one loves a Dicteta – how Arteta’s Arsenal turned 180 in 90 – and how to fix it [Positive Needs & Hopes]

180 in 90 POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Ninety days ago Arsenal were offering an overdose of optimism. We’d healed so much so quickly. The defensive structure which needed a doctor in 2007 was almost fully healed. The accountability which hadn’t been present for about the same amount of time seemed to be reinstated. The opportunity […]

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Arteta told his Europa Players that starts versus Tottenham were up for grabs – AMN said YES PLEASE!

….. and Arteta saw that POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I understand that I might be preaching to the choir here, as Mikel Arteta was probably the one who initiated that performance last night, but if I was one of his staff I’d make him watch the Wolves game again then this one, and play spot […]

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