Taking the easy way out

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Chiera

It seems that these days, football players feel that they deserve a seven figure salary regardless of honest ability.

This has been evident in regards to Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas and many others across other clubs. The majority of players out there are open to the highest bidder and the next hot club, regardless of the current owner’s thoughts.

The club makes the player no matter how you look at it, especially with Arsenal.

Examples could be learnt from the likes of Raul, Giggs, Scholes, Maldini, Pirlo, Buffon, Puyol, Terry, Gerrard, Xavi, Iniesta and many more…

These players are icons in regards to their respective clubs, their country and to football in general (maybe not Terry, calling Mr. Bridge).

The current situation at Arsenal is embarrassing. Why some of the players are looking to run away, instead of looking inside themselves, sucking it up and winning, is simply repulsive.

These players should instead look at themselves. It comes down to taking responsibility and improving on areas where you’re significantly weak, instead of sitting on a little bit of form and using that to demand obscene amounts of money.

A prime example is Samir Nasri – 10 goals and 1 assist. I have never seen him pass or move the ball with his left foot, yet he expects over 100k a week. How can this be justified? He needs to stop looking elsewhere and give back to the club what the club has given him. Look to improve and earn the contract he craves, rather than jumping ship, sitting on a bench somewhere and ultimately rotting into the football wilderness like many have before him.

I am not going to belittle Fabregas as he is a man of great character. Any other player of Nasri’s mentality would have been gone to Barcelona last summer, happily sitting on their bench (calling Mascherano) on a truly ludicrous salary.

His beloved Barcelona did not see him worthy of their shirt when he was younger and promptly sold him for a pathetic sum (to Arsenal). Without the insight and belief of Arsenal and Arsène Wenger, who knows where Cesc would be, but I suggest he would not be valued at £40m that’s for sure! He does/did owe Arsenal.

Clichy? Well he also needs to take a look in the mirror and accept that he has some gaping holes in his game. He’s another player that has struck gold with Arsenal and Arsène Wenger. Without the Gunners, in particular the manager, he would be playing for some mediocre Ligue 1 team fighting relegation probably.

On the flip side, he has been relatively loyal. He stayed with Arsenal for eight years. But ultimately, in the challenge of improving versus the challenge of a bumper pay day and comfy seat no Eastland’s bench, there was only outcome. Manchester City cashing in on Arsenal’s talent is another part of this horrific process that has developed in the modern game.

To counteract all that been said, can you think of an Arsène player that has moved on to a better career than that of his Arsenal days? Other than Ashley Cole, I can’t…

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  1. Amr July 11, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    My thoughts exactly, nice article.

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