RVP & Wilshere join forces

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It’s well know that Arsenal need to improve their squad this summer to have any hope of a realistic fight for the championship next season. Robin Van Persie says that Arsenal must sign “quality players.”

He said to BBC Football: “Manchester City are buying loads of good players, Liverpool are doing it now and Manchester United have been doing it for years.”

RVP isn’t too concerned about which trophy Arsenal lift this coming season, but just wants to win “something.” He added: “We made the final a couple of times and went to the semis a couple of times, so it’s time to win something now. Hopefully we can achieve that this year.

“Maybe we can focus more on the stage of February onwards, that’s where it went wrong over the last couple of years. Maybe we can focus on that period.

“Most of our players will be fresh from now until the start of January. When you want to win things, the season actually starts at the end of February. That’s when we need to play better or do things a little bit differently.”

Aside from Van Persie’s thoughts, young starlet, Jack Wilshere has also voiced his opinion on Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri as they are constantly subjected to intense speculation. He said: “Loyalty is a big part of football and it shows if you are a real man or not.

“If you are loyal, that means you’re a real man.

“We have got loyalty at Arsenal – players have shown that in the past. Cesc showed that last year and hopefully a few more players can show it this year. Then we will see if we can get a trophy or not.”

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  1. July 13, 2011 at 7:23 pm #

    it was very refreshing to here young jacks comments, future capt.

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