No further Fabregas bid

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In the news today:

The Daily Star have been speaking to Arsenal chairman, Peter Hill-Wood and he has told their reporters that there has been no more bids for Cesc Fabregas since they turned down that initial offer a few weeks ago.

He told The Daily Star: “I am not sure how keen they are. There are still stories in the (Spanish) press, but they don’t talk to us.

“They’ve made one offer, which works out at around £26m, but that was ages ago.

“But at the moment our situation is very straight-forward: we don’t want to lose him.

“Obviously if they come up with an offer which was a very good offer we would have to think about it.

“We have told them a number of times that what they are proposing is unacceptable and yet they haven’t moved on it.

“I don’t approve of what they are doing, but unfortunately it seems the way of the world right now.”

The saga rumbles on for yet another week, with Arsenal fans still unsure whether the player is staying, wants to stay, or if that much anticipated move to Spain will eventually be culminated.

Surely it’s time for some clarity?


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  1. July 27, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Cesc should stay at arsenal beacause if he evenchually moves to barca he is goin there to watch things happen and not to make things happen

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