Passion V Profession – The fair weather fans

WTTGT Writer: John Montanye

You begin the year supporting “your” team, hoping they can do all they can. You wear your team’s kit for every game. Everything starts well; they do well in a slew of competitions.

Mid-season comes and the boys are poised to hoist some trophies and you now decorate your home with souvenirs here and there; perhaps a coffee mug, a scarf, etc. Then your team starts to slip, and the results are just not coming. You proceed to shelve the mug. More average results occur and the scarf gets “lost”. The implosion no one saw coming happens and you are now bitter. The kit that only a few months ago was a treasure is now only worn when nothing else is clean.

The end of the season comes and it is so sobering. The tough losses, the incomprehensible draws and the missed opportunities are all just too much! You look for someone to blame, and it’s easy, it’s HIS fault.

He didn’t spend enough, and what he did spend was in the wrong area or on the wrong players. ‘How could he be so stupid?’ you think to yourself. It’s all so easy and obvious; he clearly has no idea what he is doing.

Then you have an epiphany, maybe it’s not ‘him’ and maybe it’s them! Those greedy, money hungry, horrible players; they were to blame. Never mind that you worshipped them only months ago. They just could not stop the other team, and then they just could not score when it counted. Again, it’s all so simple. Even YOU could do it.

So now that you have the culprits in your sites, you know exactly how to get back at them. You will start a blog! Blame Arséne for his blindness in his dealings. Blame the players for running around the pitch with only pounds and euros in their eyes. You shall tell the world who is to blame for the missed opportunities of the season, and tell everyone that will read your opinion how easy it was to see and fix. That YOU have ALL the solutions.

How could you have supported the club these last few years? Forget the new stadium; forget the Champions League every year.  Forget the financial stability. Forget the future, who needs the future? It’s all about NOW, it’s all about trophies. Forget the possibility of being excluded from the Champions League due to non compliance with the Financial Fair Play, forget about administration for all those loans you may need and can’t pay back. You want names like Ronaldo, Torres, LLoris, no matter the cost! It’s only money, and THEY make plenty of it!


That’s me slapping you Gunners! Wake up…don’t be THIS guy.

We are all better than that. Support our team, cheer our boys, and back our manager. They will pull it together and make us proud. Criticising every move and pretending to know more than they do is just ludicrous. They are professionals, we are just passionate. Put your passion behind Arsenal.

2 Responses to Passion V Profession – The fair weather fans

  1. willybilly July 19, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    Absolutely brilliant, so so true!!! You just nailed it , well done. There are, thank god, still people who think like you around!!! Mucho respectos.

  2. Hermes Shoes icon July 21, 2011 at 6:54 am #

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