Who is the heir to Cesc?

WTTGT Writer: Stuart Court

It’s a summer of some uncertainty at the Emirates. The one constant is the ongoing quest from Catalunya to sign Gunners captain Cesc Fabregas.

Barcelona players are almost pining for Cesc. Should the current number for depart, who may be called upon to take on the captain’s armband?

Robin van Persie

Van Persie’s goals have proved to be the catalyst in keeping the club in contention for honours when all around him have struggled for form. RVP has matured at the Emirates and has held the armband in the past when Fabregas was absent. This may complete his rise in the hearts and minds of the Gunners faithful. But his future and loyalty has been called into question in some circles this summer and Wenger may want to avoid a similar process in the near future if whispers that RVP sees his future elsewhere are found to be accurate.

Jack Wilshere

His feet have hardly touched the floor since putting himself on the biggest stages around a little over a year ago. He was fast tracked to the senior set-up with England and the one saving grace from a cataclysmic end to the season at the Emirates. Giving the youngster the captaincy could be just what young Jack needs. It’s largely expected that Jack will take the armband one day and probably remain at Arsenal throughout his career, however at his current tender age, it’s probably a bit to soon.

Thomas Vermaelen

Possibly a dark-horse in any quest to be the next captain of Arsenal, but an understated one. He is seen as the most competent and complete defensive player at the club and would bring back memories of the hard-nosed defenders of the past that have worn the armband. But despite that poetry, his injury problems have stunted his growth at Arsenal in recent months with his 2010/11 season being wiped out with a constant achilles problem. Moving past the injury and proving his worth once more to Wenger may mean the armband passes him by when Cesc leaves, but Wenger may still throw a curveball and hand the honour to the big man at the back.

For me, it should go to Wilshere. He has shown he can handle any responsibility or weight of expectation put on him and it would give a clear indication that Wenger is looking for a fresh start. It would also be a popular one for the Arsenal supporters as he’s seen as one of us, and would cushion the blow Cesc’s departure will bring for the trophy-starved Emirates regulars.

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8 Responses to Who is the heir to Cesc?

  1. Coburn July 27, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    I would much rather see the armband given to RVP as he is a loyal subject and has given his life to the club. He will lead by example and show the younger kids how its done, being one of the oldest players in the club. In my eyes RVP is the only suitible candidate for the armband, and maybe make Vermanator vice-captain.

  2. Synergist July 27, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    Surely it would be better to have someone leading from the back, leaving RvP free to concentrate on what's going on up front?

  3. July 27, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    I agree make RVP the captain with two vice captains in Verminator and young Jack. One person who is being somewhat overlooked though is Sagna who has been a great servant to the club and is a solid player who is rarely injured, rarely has a dip in form and stays clear of off field controversy.

  4. July 27, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    You can't give it to Jack, he has only had one year with us, he has a bit of a temper(so does RVP to be fair) and if everyone is actually fit this year then I do not expect he will play as many games as he did last year for fear of burn out. RVP leads by example in the same way Cesc does and I think he has better leadership qualities overall but he is a forward and what are the chances he'll play 30-35 league games this year. TV5 can read the game from the back, make us a great team again, give him the armband!

  5. July 27, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    Wilshire is definitely a symbol of the future of the club. That he will one day wear the armband is very obvious. However, I think it will be an unnecessary load on his young shoulder at his age and circumstances. Let us allow him to develop every aspect of his came to the fullest now. His time will come very naturally. It is normally said that defenders are more suited for captaincy because they can see everything in front of them. For this reason, even though RVP deserves the captaincy on the basis of his commitment, performance and age, it might be more appropriate for him to retain the deputy role. That means that TV5 stands out as being most suited for the role at the moment. Sagna will not be a bad choice but TV5 has the edge based on the fact that he has captaincy experience.

  6. July 27, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    No way is Vermaelen a dark horse <- This is ridiculous thinking he is. Thomas Vermaelen put Van Persie in his place before he even joined Arsenal, and the likes of Eboue, plus he has already been a club captain. He's fearless, experienced and good at man management – the opposite to Gallas in the man management side.

    My first choice would definitely be Jack Wilshere. He's the best player at Arsenal, he already has people tip-toeing around him becausepeople are worried about getting on the wrong side of him, he plays 200% ever game, single-handedly bossed the Barcelona midfield, has the highest respect from the top veterans in the sport (you MUST get up to date with what all of them are saying about Jack) and when players as experiencd as Scholes and Arshavin say things like Wilshere at just 19 is already better than they've ever been … you have to take their word for it. Wilshere is the ONLY player at Arsenal who will confront any of the players in the team and MAKE them get their finger out – during open play like Adams used to do – and in the dressing room like Adams do.

    Seriously, too many Arsenal Supporters are unaware what Jack Wilshere is about. The Vice Captaincy goes to one person, Aaron Ramsey. This guy is a virtual carbon copy of Jack, except he does not have the same Arsenal pedigree as Jack who joined Arsenal at 11. Rambo is widely tipped to be a future Arsenal Captain, but like the author pointed out, Jack is likely to remain at Arsenal for his whole career. This is why he should get the Captaincy before Thomas Vermaelen. The Verminator could be the Club Captain for another 8 years or more. That would be the same as holding back Jack Wilshere until he's almost 30 years old. So Jack needs to be Captain now. Even if Cesc stays, Jack should be Captain. Cesc would agree too.

  7. sunny July 27, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Both van persie and vermaelen are good candidates to be the next captain if cesc leaves, but in my opinion they are too injury prone and wont be able to play a full season. We need a captain who can lead the team throughout the season, maybe Scezny?

    He is a good organiser and seems to be pretty vocal, why not give him a chance?

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