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Analysis of whether Saliba-Gabriel can work as a defensive partnership?

It has been impossible to get away from the excitement around the signing of Gabriel Magalhaes. As a fanbase, Gooners certainly don’t make it easy to disconnect: tracking planes, pulling traffic feeds, the works. Beyond the more fringe craziness though, it is easy to see why a lot is anticipated and expected. There is no […]

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Arsenal conceded less goals in the Money Restricted ‘Banter’ Era – How to sort our Leaking Defence?

This may seem like an odd discussion point. But then how many goals should we concede? In 17/18, only City, and Liverpool scored more goals than we did. We scored as many as our good friends from the Borough of Haringey. But our goals against tally was poor, especially vis a vis the top six. […]

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The Arsenal Captain’s Log Star Date 2017 and Lasagne Delivery for Anfield

The Captains Log Star  Date 2017 In the past 4 seasons The Arsenal have had 3 captains 2013-14 Thomas Vermaelen 2014-15 Mikel Arteta 2015-16 Mikel Arteta 2016-17 Per Mertesacker In those 4 seasons The Arsenal have played 330 hours of football and in that period, the Arsenal captain has only played 45 hours of football. […]

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Wenger’s Captains – From Leaders in the Trenches to Losers on the Benches

  To inherit Mr Arsenal a blessing indeed A Doctor of Defending and man born to lead An angry snarl and a die-hard will to win Winning a habit and losing a sin Retiring the finest, this great club had seen But the heir in waiting, his Vice in the team We called him Paddy […]

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Farewell Edu

The Top 10 of Arsenal Hidden Gems, Part 1 – Matches you will be pleased to be reminded of!

Well it seems Top 10s are the theme of this week on Gunners Town. They are always a very entertaining exercise and not wishing to miss out of the fun here is my contribution Previous posts on this site by guests or fellow writers brought back a lot of memories – both good and bad […]

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Sorry lads, I have better options

Cech’s signing speaks not only about Arsene’s intentions, it also shows he has rediscovered his ruthless touch

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last wrote. Unfortunately, it’ll be the case for the entire month of July, as I’ve decided to gain a bit of working experience and thus took up work as an intern for a firm providing legal services. Ah well, I guess I had to do it at […]

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The Barcelona iPad Scouting App says the same as Citeh’s – We need Jack Wilshere this Summer

So here we go again. It’s not even April and the ‘Cant’alans are bloody well at it again. With Xavi joining the Qatari gravy train this summer, Barca need a midfielder to fill his immense boots. So Luis Enrique has whipped out his iPad, started up his scouting app, set the search to its default […]

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Wenger please don’t embarrass us in the transfer window when we all know what we need!

The winter window is open you know Arsène? You know, the short period of time during which you are allowed to strengthen your squad, add new faces, and cover holes that went somehow unnoticed in the past three years. I reckon those very little issues were hard to identify, however now they came to light […]

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Arsene has earmarked Ramsey and Wilshere as the club’s future leadership

At the time it was revealed Cesc Fabregas wasn’t returning to Arsenal, reports (including me) suggested it was largely due to Mesut Ozil’s arrival last summer. However, after taking a deeper look at that line of thought, it occurred to me that it’s because Arsene was already beginning to build something special in central midfield, […]

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Captain’s leaving, BFG to be given armband,new Right back coming and Bentley retiring

O Captain, your subconscious has wrecked my Bentley “O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done; The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won; The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring: But O heart! […]

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