Croatian starlet ‘too expensive’

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In the news today:

Arsène Wenger’s stern transfer policy could well be having a knock on effect into his stern youth policy to boot.

The Frenchman has supposedly ruled Arsenal out of the running to side young Croatian striker, Mateo Kovacic because he is ‘too expensive.’

Kavacic, 17, is being courted by the likes of Juventus, Bayern Munich and Ajax while Arsenal were also sniffing around with potential interest, but now, according to Zagreb’s director of sport, Zoran Mamic, they’re out of any deal. Speaking to 24sata “A few days ago I talked with some of my friends from Arsenal. I told them that Mateo is in good form, that he is playing good.

“They said that is very good for us, but bad for them. They say that Arsenal can’t join this ‘dance of millions’ for him.

“They rate Kovacic very highly but are also afraid that he will be too expensive for them soon.”


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  1. July 29, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    I hope goin to sign him becouse he is good.

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