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In the news today:

According to the PFA publication, Give Me Football, any deal for Valencia’s Juan Mata will not be given up on.

The report that the deal hinges on the future of Samir Nasri, and whether or not the Frenchman leaves to join Manchester City in a £25m deal.

If that move does indeed go ahead then Arsenal would find the €23m fee that Valencia are asking for Mata.

Elsewhere, any money from the soon to be confirmed sale of Nicklas Bentdner will also contribute, ensuring that Arsenal do eventually get there man.


5 Responses to Money Matas

  1. August 10, 2011 at 7:43 am #

    Wenger must act quickly to get the Nasri money. One week to sell, one week to buy, business completed August 27th. Fabregas will go to the wire. At a guess Tuesday August 30th.
    These must be the goals and the parameters or we`re in a hell of a mess.

  2. August 10, 2011 at 7:51 am #

    Would much rather we focus on cescs replacement as i think gervinho is a far better player on the wing than nasri or mata. With both cesc and nasri gone i would go for.benzema then play rvp just off him. arshavin would be understudy to rvp and chamakh understudy to benzema. gervinho and walcott would fill the flanks with chamberlain miyaichi rosicky and vela providing alternatives. wilshire song ramsey diaby lansbury frimpong coquelin would contest the 2 deep lying midfield roles. we could then use the nasri and bendtner cash to buy mertesacker vertonghen and cissokho. if we.could find the extra cash for one more player it should be hazard.

    so…. out
    fabregas nasri bendtner and of course squillaci eboue and almunia
    benzema mertesacker vertonghen cissokho hazard

    6 out 5 in not unrealistic.

  3. August 10, 2011 at 8:21 am #

    get rid of that obese nasri and let him go and rot on the mancity bench as he belongs there. let's get him so wound up as we did Adebayor when he (nasri) visits the Emirates.

    in his 2nd season at the Arsenal he had a really bad injury and the fans stuck by him with all the support and love and this is how that piece of French/algerian poo treats us! Idiotic half-wit!

  4. August 10, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    We don't need Mata now we have Myaichi and Chamberlain and Gervinho. We need defenders. Wilshere and Ramsey can fill the void left by Fabregas.

  5. August 10, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    first of all benzema will not be making a move to the emirates as maurinho and the player himself has said that a move is out of the topic.
    i could only presume that oxlade would be a direct replacement for arshavin with gervinho playing on the right.. probably the gaffer is planning to go back to the roots and play a 4-4-2 with theo partnering persie.. well i m assuming thats the case.. u guys can have a go at me for that..
    reagarding the whole nasri and cesc matter.. all i have to say is that arsenal are not in the need to sell cesc.. he could moan as much as he wants or so the media claims. and with nasri.. well 20 mill for a half season wonder does not sound all too bad to me.. we could regret that move as we would only be making city stronger but to lose him on a free next year is just unthinkable.. it would definitely pain me to see both this players leave but no one is bigger than the club.
    and finally.. to both AKB's and the wenger out brigade.. the season is about to start and do we really need to be bickering about each other.. i mean its sad to see how our fans have become. some of u could go on to say that 6 years w'out a trophy is disastrous .. well is it really? look at liverpool , man city and the spuds. i mean none of them have really achieved anything for god knows how long.. i know it pains us fans that after seeing the good old invincibles and seeing players such as henry viera bergkamp etc etc..
    i am not gonna claim that i am a “true” supporter like some people do . i dont own a season ticket and i have never even been to highbury or even the emirates. i am just a fan like you who is pleading for some sort of middleground between us. we support the club no matter where we come from. we do not have the financial power nor do we have the fanbase of other “bigger” clubs. but the least we can do is be united … cant we? probably no too much to ask i suppose.
    wenger may have past his prime and has done as much as he could to bring the club to where it is today. and when the day comes for him to leave it will sadden me because the man did put arsenal on the football map. but like i said no man is bigger than the club.

    cheers… and lets get behind the team !

    a humble gooner fan all the way from malaysia.

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