Losing streaks: You’re lucky to be an Arsenal fan

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Arsenal have gone six long years without a trophy. Seems like an extremely long time for such a successful club, but is it really?

The Gunners have seen a couple of semi-finals, quarters too, even made a final. Arsenal has been top of the league late into the season only to see injury obliterate any chance.

My contention is that while six years is an extremely long time, it is not uncommon for clubs of any sport to go some period of time between titles. Here we examine some of sports longest droughts by some of the bigger teams.


Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are THE definitive franchise in the NBA with many storied players and a long winning history. They’ve won 17 total championships, have numerous hall of fame players, a remarkable coach who revolutionised the game and a legendary arena. Given all this history you would think they win titles every few years, but you would be wrong. The Celtics went from champions to a mid tier team in the 90s and early 2000s. Between 1992 and 2005 they won nothing. No division title, no conference crown, and definitely no NBA championship. During that stretch they failed to even make the play-off on at least a couple of occasions. 13 years without any sort of title, double the length of the Gunners current mark.

I bet you feel a little bit better, let’s continue.


New York Yankees

The Yankees are the most dominant franchise in the history of baseball.  They have a total of 27 championships in their colorful history, various hall of fame players, legends of the game, and a fantastic stadium. The Yankees also spend money as if they had a printing press in their basement, but even that could not help them between 1981 and 1996. 15 years of trophyless competition for the team that expects to win a championship every year. This was a very forgettable period for any Yankee fan, not because of their lack of winning, because they almost always contended, but their lack of championships.  This period of their history saw their cross-town rival Mets win a title which made things much worse.

15 years without a title and I would assume the Emirates would become a lonely, lonely place.

If you don’t feel better with the last example, I think maybe this will make you feel better.


Manchester United

Man United, the richest franchise in sports, countless titles and numerous legendary players across its history. Even a team with such a great history has gone through its tough times. Take for instance 1968-1976. This period dealt United no trophies AND relegation, something Arsenal supporters can’t imagine for an instance. Adding insult to injury was the fact that City, their hated neighbour were winning trophies, the football world was upside down! All its history and legendary players could not help the grand club during that time. The fall and rise of this team is commendable, and as supporters of Arsenal we should take heed.


At the end of the day folks the point of this story is that no matter the heights and history of your team, there is undoubtedly a period of time where things get tough. Unfortunately for Arsenal supporters, you are smack in the END of that cycle. You have to have some faith that the football Gods will soon deliver us from evil and place on our mantle a new trophy, to reward your patience while your club builds your wonderful young team, new stadium and creates a brighter future. If you ever despair, look across all of sports and you will find example after example of top teams that went through barren times and yet more teams that have never won a thing.

So don’t fret Gunners, you will lift a trophy sooner than you think and the wait is not as bad as you and the media make it out to be. The sacrifice of trophies now will most certainly lead to a brighter future given the wonderful base the club has created.

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