Taking the Tweets: Van Persie #gettingonabit

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Van Persie – #happybirthday

This week the Arsenal squad turned out in force to Tweet Robin happy returns on his 28th birthday. There was however a strong undertone of mocking from the youngsters, with the vice-captain now looking quite ancient in comparison to his Arsenal team-mates.

Wilshere summed up the messages, Tweeting: “Happy b-day 2 my mate @Persie_Official getting old now mate keep banging in them goals.”

While he may be getting on, the goals seem to be coming easier to Robin with age, meaning we will hopefully see even more from Van Persie this season.

Frimpong – #capedcrusader

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Frimpong has waded into the issue of London riots, clearly not impressed by the conservative approach being taken by the British Police.

“This rioters cud Neva do this in AFRICA cus UNO what the Police there will be doing #DEEEEENCH #Nononsensestyle” Tweeted the Arsenal youngster.

Frimpong’s comments come as no great surprise given his no-nonsense style of play on the pitch. Perhaps it won’t be long before Emmanuel turns vigilante, next time you see him he may be in a mask and cape taking down looters himself!

Fabregas – #timetogo

One person unlikely to be getting involved in the riots is Cesc Fabregas, with an already burning desire to leave the capital he is unlikely to be swayed by the recent madness.

Luckily he seems to have found a safe haven, hanging out with former Gunner, Phillipe Senderos and scout Danny Karbassiyoon: “With @dkarbassiyoon and big Phil enjoying Sunday afternoon. The end of the world is behind us…. :D,” Tweeted the current captain.

If only we could all escape to such comfortable conditions in the city. Then again, if conditions worsen much more, I may be looking to follow Cesc to the sunny shores of Spain!

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