Taking the Tweets: Jack’s #commitmentisntdead

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Jack Wilshere – #trueGooner

So Fabregas is gone, but I can’t help but wonder if any Arsenal fans will be upset to see him go. Despite his undeniable talent it has been a while since Cesc was a true captain.

Jack Wilshere, on the other hand, continues to impress, this week tweeting throughout the Newcastle game he was injured for. While Cesc left the country when injured for a game Wilshere could have easily been mistaken for a genuine supporter, Tweeting: “Come on Arsenal! RVP first goal!”, “Am I really seeing what I just saw…….”, and; “That is not football! I am pretty sure Abou Diaby got sent off for that last year!” Each line would’ve been well at home in a packed north London pub.

Wilshere even had the decency to take on Barton via Twitter after the game. With equal amounts of talent, and the opposite attitude, there is no reason for anyone to shed a tear over Cesc’s disloyal ways.

Samir Nasri – #wishiwasthere

While Arsenal’s squad came out in Twitter force to wish Cesc congratulations and good luck with his Barca move, Samir Nasri’s message may have been tainted by a pinch of salt.

“Congratulation to my mate @cesc4official i will miss you world class player and top men” tweeted the barely Gunner.

His apparent typing error, the plural ‘men’ despite only one player leaving, could also be taken for a Freudian slip, with Samir already mentally preparing his own goodbye messages.

The clearout of fickle mercenaries couldn’t come sooner for Arsène Wenger’s red and white army.

Cesc Fabregas – #overandout

Apparently his biggest regret is that he wasn’t able to win a trophy as captain of Arsenal.

Perhaps it should be that he held the club who made him to ransom, leaving them with a gaping hole in their team, and a pathetic fee with which to replace him due to the underhand dealings of his beloved Barcelona.

However, as a regular feature on Taking the Tweets it’s only fitting that we give Fabregas the chance to sign off: “To all Gunners: A big thank you for your unconditional support during the last 8 yrs. Just say that I will always carry you in my heart!”

Personally I would prefer not to join Cesc and the party in his heart, as the Barca bench is likely to become very crowded if he takes all us Gooners with him!

4 Responses to Taking the Tweets: Jack’s #commitmentisntdead

  1. Edub August 18, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    Come on, let Cesc go. We could have gt more money from the Cesc sale but we didn't pay anything for him in the first place so what's the problem. He gave us 8 years of service and great football and if you're honest Barca play the same style as us but have better players! To take the mick out of him for sitting on the Barca bench is madness as he was arguably our best player and shows how good their midfield is!? We need some new talent in midfield, defence and up front and we need it in the next two weeks or we'll be in trouble!

  2. Check Of August 18, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Your opinions on Cesc are a joke. He was our best player for the last 5 years, give him a break, he was with us for 8 years (longer than a certain Thierry Henry) before moving to his hometown club. I won't be reading your blog as long as you hold an Arsenal legend in such bitter regard.

  3. rvp-fan August 18, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    Freudian slip…more like intentional slip! Cesc will get piles from sitting on the bench so much

  4. rvp-fan August 18, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    Freudian slip…more like intentional slip! Cesc will get piles from sitting on the bench so much. You 2 are living in a dream, players like rvp and gibbs work so hard for arsenal and cesc has not tired for Arsenal in a long time. You cant compare him to Henry..who worked hard till his last game. Open your eyes…

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