You can’t win anything with youngsters… right?

WTTGT Writer: Basudde .I. Travis

The average age of Manchester United’s starting XI against The Spuds was 23. They had a teenager at centre-half and a 21-year-old at right-back. The man playing instead of Dimitar Berbatov was 21, the goalkeeper was half the age of the guy at the other end and the little fella in the centre, trying to show that United can get by without Wesley Sneijder or any other superstar midfielder, was a 22-year-old starting only his second senior match for the club. The young players acquitted themselves well, sometimes brilliantly.

With a degree of honesty, if it was any other team I would have bothered less, and would still have faith in a young Arsenal side. But after watching Man U’s performance, I have to admit, Arsenal MAY be a mid-table finisher by the end of the season; and the consequences very unbearable.

But there might be questions about the team that lost to Liverpool at the weekend. By the end of the match, the Arsenal line was very similar, though age-wise to the same team that defeated The Spuds, therein, questions arise which is the central focus of this article.

Arguments may be brought forward that the team lacks mental strength to match that of ManU, but how would a team this young respond to a series of pressure coming from each direction? With half of the starters on queue towards the treatment table and losing the best midfield pair in modern football history (in Fabregas and Nasri), you would never expect better.

The twelfth men at Old Trafford have never lost faith and will generally applaud the hoard of youngsters that Fergie has brought through the system. Ferguson manages the pressure on these youngsters’ shoulders and the crowd follow his lead by patting the backs of their young team. This light praise comes in handy, uplifting spirits, but yet Arsenal’s crowd instead boos and jeers these youngsters. They’re often heard saying ‘buy experience’ and ‘not another youngster’. Arsenal do need experience, correct, but managed correctly, youngsters are equally as successful if used in the right manner – dare I say allah United. The criticism from fans and even more importantly the media destroys our own young team. It kills motivation and possibly damages careers in the long run.

A preview of the bench for ManU was more mouth watering than the starting line-up. Berbatov, Hernandez, the legendary Ryan Giggs, Carrick, all of whom are battle hardened Premiership material ready to give a push to the inexperienced youngsters. This is motivation for United’s raw side. In contrast to Arsenal’s bench at the weekend that ridiculously had only one defender on it in Miguel Ignasi. Get the balance right and flushing your team with youngsters is not an issue. The mixture of youthfulness to experience is a morale booster unmatched in the Premiership.

Sir Alex Ferguson, just like any other typical Scot, is reputed for “going an extra mile” to grind desirable results. He is ever anxious and supervises the proceedings with every guile he can muster. Therefore, his youth characteristics are a mirror of his own philosophy; they will always want to eat the opponents’ heart out and they will work their butts off to put a smile to their boss’ face. Wenger’s boys are talented and silky, but they want everything on a silver platter which has led to the English football community to label the side “weak,” thereby attracting bullies in each of our opponents. Whilst the lads fight more our manager is facedown in shame!

Arsène Wenger needs to rejuvenate his old self. He was the tactful master of the game capable of using both experience and youth almost in poetic motion. Manchester United are excited by their youngsters, yet Arsenal slate theirs. If Arsène and the board can get some experience, you might well see that the youngsters they’ve already signed are indeed the future, and indeed title contenders.

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4 Responses to You can’t win anything with youngsters… right?

  1. [email protected] August 24, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    The difference between Man United and Arsenal is that while the former combine experience and quality with youth and potential, the latter just crams a team with inexperience and hopes for the best.

    I reckon Cleverley and Welbeck will get more England caps than Wilshere and Walcott… I'm afraid to say that poor management is the cause.


  2. [email protected] August 24, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    The difference is Arsenal have attracted the lowest level of so called fans like 'Dan AKA The Loser' who have never learnt to appreciate what they have and end up whining about everything regardless of good or bad. 'Fans' like him find pleasure in destruction and seeing others unhappy!!

    DAN OUT!!!

  3. WC August 24, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    The difference is not only the manager but experience of winning. Fergie's famous hairdryer treatment seems to get the players motivated. Wenger coddles his kids and instead of treating them like men, he keeps them as boys. Fergie goes through alot of players, go check his history and you see that he will easily discard anyone who just isn't up to the Man Utd standard. Wenger 'keeps faith' in players like Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Squiddy for longer than he should and their lack of ability just filters into the team. Fergie's team selection is based on merit, Wenger's is based on his blind faith that the young player will some day magically turn into the next Henry, Vieira, Adams etc so he can say “I told you so”.

    Fergie also has alot of winners on his team, Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand, Van Der Sar – all winners who by Arsene's policy would have been way past their prime a decade ago but Fergie keeps his experienced players on as long as their legs will go in order to teach the kids to win. Who on our team has a history of winning? Chamakh and Arshavin have league titles from far inferior leagues and just one at that. Fergie's soldiers have won everything at club level and they impart that on the young players.

    So while management i.e. Wenger plays a part, the old heads are just as important in dragging the kids through until they themselves become winners and the cycle continues.

  4. Manutd_life September 1, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    Right on point peroid

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