Taking the Tweets: Van Persie #showofsupport

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Robin van Persie – #masqueradingasfans

New captain, Robin van Persie threw a hint to those disgruntled fans finding it so hard to support their supposedly beloved Arsenal.

“Gutted about the result today! Big game on Wednesday! We need all your support again”, Tweeted Robin after the defeat against Liverpool, which seemed to be marred by jeering from the home support from the start.

How can ‘supporters’ expect the players to stick around, let alone want to join the club, when the fans refuse to get behind them when they do? I suggest sitting in the away end in future if you want to boo the home team!

Jack Wilshere – #letsjustbefriends

Van Persie may have been named captain on the pitch, but it seems Jack Wilshere has taken on the role of external mediator, coming between Arsenal fan Piers Morgan and Emmanuel Frimpong, following his sending off against Liverpool.

“@piersmorgan @EmmanuelF4 I tell you what lads lets just beat the Italians on Wednesday yeah! Deal?” Tweeted the England star.

Wilshere makes a good point to all Arsenal fans, as support is likely to go a lot further towards a victory than constant criticism. Sniping should be left to the media, who are paid to stir up such unrest.

Piers Morgan – #hackedoffsupport

On the subject of Piers Morgan, his abuse of Emmanuel Frimpong was not justified, and summed up what is so inherently wrong with the modern Arsenal fan.

After the game, the former editor of the Mirror Tweeted: “@EmmanuelF4 I don’t care if you want to look like Mr T’s kid brother. I do care that you got sent off on debut and cost us the match”.

Even ignoring the fact that Frimpong had arguably been Arsenal’s best player up to that point, how often have we heard calls for a battling midfielder with some passion? And what part of that phrase is not personified in Emmanuel Frimpong?

I’ll watch my words though, or Emmanuel and I may well find our phones the latest to be hacked by Mr. Morgan and co.

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2 Responses to Taking the Tweets: Van Persie #showofsupport

  1. [email protected] August 24, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    i hope RVP and the rest of our players fully realise its not them that the booing is meant for. Even after successive 2-0 defeats in the prem, its not the players fault. The spirit has been taken away from the side by the lack of ambition and dynamism of our management.It is difficult to get passionately behind the team these days….its frustrating due to the unnecessary neglect shown by wenger and the management in strengthening the team

  2. davide August 24, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    so true. the booing was meant for the management. wenger in particular!

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