Taking the Tweets: Szcez #gottanewmotor

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Wojciech Szczesny – #farfrombroke

Wojciech Szczesny may be at the beginning of his budding career between the posts for Arsenal, but his efforts are certainly reaping rewards already.

The young Pole this week tweeted a picture of himself in his new car; not the sort of vehicle your average 21 year old is driving around London!  

Although much is made of modern footballer’s enormous wages, of all the Arsenal squad Wojciech has been earning his pay-packet more than most this season. Therefore, we won’t begrudge him a little over-the-top luxury.

Jack Wilshere – #kickthemwhiletheyaredown

Jack Wilshere may have been simply voicing the thoughts of all Blackberry users throughout the country, but I doubt Research In Motion will be too grateful for his recent tweets.

With BBM services down, and Apple releasing something new and exciting on an almost weekly basis, wavering Blackberry customers hardly needed a further push by Jack when he tweeted: “Blackberrys are rubbish………. iPhone I think from now on!!!”.

It will be interesting to see how many brand new iPhones surface at the Emirates in the coming weeks.

Emmanuel Frimpong – #Alwaysbehindthearsenal


He is already quickly becoming something of a cult hero at the Emirates, and Emmanuel Frimpong has done nothing to dampen his burgeoning reputation as a loyal Gunner.

With a number of Spurs fans commenting on his Twitter following Arsenal’s recent defeat, Frimpong decided that the reserve usually maintained by players when dealing with fans wasn’t for him.

“We been Doing This Champions League For 15years We Gave them 1 season To show What They Can Do and They Flopped #Alwaysbehindthearsenal” tweeted the rising star.

With such an attitude a good question would be why he did not feature in the actual game!


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One Response to Taking the Tweets: Szcez #gottanewmotor

  1. Steve October 14, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Szczsney didn't actually buy that, the tweet after explained it was just a drive/photo shoot or some shit. He said “In a couple years, hopefully” he can get a car like that. Don't make journalism without researching better brah.

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