How have Arsenal’s new signings fared so far?

WTTGT Writer: Vivek Arulnathan

Arsenal spent over £50m this summer on seven new first team players. Most of them have been immediately thrust into the team and after seven games, we are starting to get a picture of how good these players can be. All the new signings have made at least one start in the red and white of Arsenal while the likes of Mertasacker and Arteta have virtually been playing no-stop. While it may be too early to pass a judgement, there’s no harm in looking at how the players have performed so far. So here we go.


After seeing red in his league debut, he has slowly settled into the team with some promising displays. A brilliant dribbler, he has been a great outlet down the flanks but clearly lacks quality on the final ball. He’s been exciting but equally frustrating at best. He’s still a good buy though and I am confident he will improve.

Verdict: Mixed bag.

Mikel Arteta:

His signing has surely given Arsenal’s midfield some stability but he is no match to Fabregas at keeping possession and he hasn’t got the Spaniard’s creativity either. If we could tweak our style of play, Arteta would certainly be more effective. He has been consistent and stable but needs to be more creative if Arsenal want to dominate games.

Verdict: Not Fabregas’s replacement.

Per Mertasacker:

He has been unlucky not to have TV5 alongside him. Playing in central defence with different partners each week is no easy task and I’ve got to say that the German international has really impressed. Communication problems aside, I feel he will eventually become a good Premier League defender. He being a childhood fan of Arsenal is a bonus!

Verdict: ‘Giant’ of a signing!

Alex Chamberlain:

There’s no need to elaborate. It doesn’t look like he was a League 1 player last season. He is only 18 and has already scored in both his starts for the club and fans already want him regularly in the team. Wenger is doing the right thing though by slowly easing into the team and not thrusting him into the spot light.

Verdict: Signing of the summer.

Andre Santos:

The Brazilian is being challenged by Gibbs for the left back slot and I feel that the Englishman is currently the first choice. He has loads of talent going forward but his defensive displays have been subpar. He is a great player to have in the squad and should be Wenger’s preferred choice at home to add more attacking threat to the team.

Verdict: Typical Brazilian with the ‘Samba’ flair.

Carl Jenkinson:

He had a couple of good games early on but disappointed at Old Trafford. Also, Gareth Bale tore him apart in the derby so his confidence is bound to be low. He’ll be playing a lot over the next three months and that will be a huge learning experience. Fans need to be patient with Carl as he is only 18 and is still learning at his level.

Verdict: Promising, but needs time.

Park Chu Young:

I am yet to understand why he is still warming the benches. He’s only got two years at Arsenal and moreover Chamakh looks completely out of sorts. Played decently against Shrewsbury and I sincerely hope Wenger starts using him more.

Verdict: Poorly handled by Wenger.

Yossi Benayoun:

The on loan Israeli has already shown his class despite not playing much. Arsenal look more comfortable in possession with Benayoun in the team as he has great passing ability and can control games effectively. He is certainly an option for Wenger to try out with Ramsey in midfield.

Verdict: Make the deal permanent!  

Wenger has really bemused me with his handling of Park Chu Young despite the Korean captain’s fantastic form for his national squad. Most importantly though, I feel Wenger is slowly learning his lessons and his decision not to play Chamberlain every week is a step in the right direction. The signings have generally been good as individuals but Arsenal are clearly not clicking as a team. 


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  1. [email protected] October 17, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    In the next 7 games in the EPL we have 5 potential winnable games, by mid december I think we will be close to top four or may be in top four fingers crossed

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