Wenger out! – In Arsene we Trust!

WTTGT Writer: Dean “Found a New Club” Cox

So what does an angry ‘Wenger Out!’ fan do when the ‘In Arsene We Trust’ banners come out and everyone thinks we are back, and fourth is no problem?


First of all, I accept that Arsenal have improved, but let’s be fair, putting lipstick on pig makes it look better but you still wouldn’t want to date it, right? Anyway, after conceding eight it surely must improve, even if that means conceding seven in the next game, but credit where credit is due, we have got better and look like fourth or better is possible, especially as Chelsea are on the slide and Liverpool just don’t appear to have any consistency. Spurs have had their cup final by beating us, I’ll say no more.

I like the look of our midfield. Arteta looks a perfect fit in the middle alongside Rambo and “we’ve only got one Song”; it’ll interesting to see where Jack fits in when he is fit.

With Tommy coming back, our backline becomes better straight away, though, I’m not convinced by either the Polish or French defender, or Per (who turns slower than a submarine) for that matter. I will say, though, that the unspellable ‘keeper seems to be coming on great!

Anyway, January is just around the corner where the transfer window opens. We will be linked with 100s of players (either defenders on centre-forwards I predict) and I suspect we will buy no more than one, if that.

I must admit, it is nice to be watching MOTD on a Saturday night and buying a Sunday newspaper as I do neither when the Gunners get turned over.

So, with us in good form and the interval rudely interrupting it, and no doubt RVP only days away from an injury, I need something to do and watch… the answer to this is…

Dulwich Hamlet! Last weekend I saw them beat Wolton Casuals (and they were) 3-1, standing in the Terry Jover Stand hearing the players talk amongst themselves. Then, this week, I’m heading south to watch the table-topping Hamlet smash Worthing right out of Sussex (whatever that means)…

I do love the Hamlet, but bring back Premier League soon…



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5 Responses to Wenger out! – In Arsene we Trust!

  1. [email protected] November 10, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Stick with the Hamlet mate – your views on Arsenal are way off beam.
    Fair weather supporter

  2. Stuart November 10, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    ha ha, briliant comment denny,

    Fair weather supporter indeed, so called fans like this makes me ashamed to be an Arsenal fan

  3. [email protected] November 10, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    i agree with the author….arsenal are improving but have yet to convince me. When we get good results against the manchester cubs, the spuds and liverpool i will say we are back amongst the big-boys…untill then all i can say its better than it was 8 or so games ago. 2 top quality players in january and maybe we can go all the way in the FA cup and take 4th spot.

  4. iniez November 10, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    @lasereye, this isn't directed to you but your comment “yet to convince me”. why do we need to be convinced..what I'm not understanding is why we constantly need to be convinced by this team. is it not good enough to have a good run, and how long a run is good enough? what if we go another 10 games unbeaten then lose, do we turn around and say “oh look i told you they were sh**, not convinced”. we are winning, at the beginning people were saying we were going to be relegated, and its fair to say we didn't even have half the first team ready or playing for our most important games. the problem is most fans are fixated on negativity, you don't even bother to look at positives anymore. heres the jist, if you win one game, thats good. if you win 9 in a row, thats bloody fantastic. when is enough, honestly some of you baffle me

  5. [email protected] November 10, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    I dont have anything to say about this post.The author can support spuds for as far as arsenal supporter is concern, just a BIG IDIOTIC PRESS.

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