Bendtner watch: Episode 6

 WTTGT Writer: David McManus

Lazy is a word that hasn’t been used to describe Nicklas Bendtner so far in this year’s Bendtner Watch – but after yesterday’s performance there simply isn’t another word for it. 

And subsequently this week’s Bendtner Watch will be kept relatively short, simply because there’s so little to talk about from his performance in Sunderland’s defeat to Wolves. 

The issue of laziness has been rearing it’s ugly head for a couple of weeks now, with Bendtner’s effort and overall performances gradually getting worse. However, none have been as bad as yesterday. 

What summed up his performance yesterday was on the 64th minute, when Wolves’ goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey got caught stranded after surging out to close down Sunderland’s Phil Bardsley. 

The ball trickled in the direction of Bendtner, who appeared to, if anything, slow down and allow the Wolves defence to get to the ball first. 

In fact, he had slowed that much, initially we had all thought the referee had blew and play had stopped. It was an excellent opportunity – if the Dane had have picked that ball up it was highly likely the resulting shot would have ended in a goal with Hennessey being so far off his line. 

But it wasn’t to be, and on too many occasions – as in recent weeks – Bendtner was going through the motions and dropping deep or out wide when he should be in the box. 

He’s got plenty of ability, it’s been said time and time again. Look at his international record for Denmark, and look at his clever flick to Stephane Sessegnon in the build up to Sunderland’s only goal yesterday – it’s there for all to see. 

However, why a player of his height continues to drift out wide whenever Sunderland attack, or sit deep on the edge of the box whenever they advance down the wing, is beyond every Sunderland fan.

It’s a sad day when Sessegnon, the Beninese international standing at 5 ft 7, wins more in the air than the 6 ft 4 Bendtner does.


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One Response to Bendtner watch: Episode 6

  1. max December 6, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    just another proof that he has not what it takes to play for the arsenal. it's not only skills, which he might have. it's also the attitude that matters.

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