3 players who have a point to prove against Leeds United

WTTGT Writer: Devon James Andre Halls

A match against a Leeds United side who are currently floundering somewhere below playoff contention would seem to be the perfect match for those lacking form to prove their credentials, if indeed they have any worth proving. Yet these fixtures too often aren’t the walk in the park we all hope for (see last year’s result), and too often are an almighty battle, requiring captains to be captains and lead the team by performance (see Fabregas’ last minute penalty). However these are three players whom I think may have something to prove on Monday evening.

I must stress I do not know the starting line up but I shall assume these players will feature in some capacity.

Ignasi Miquel:

The young Spaniard has been thrust into the deep end by Arsene Wenger on many occasions, mainly because our injured player’s recuperations are clogging up our shallow end. However he has largely held his own in these games despite often being played out of position. However if he plays, this is a fixture which he should really look to stand out defensively. Without wanting to be overly disrespectful, Leeds United is not the team of ten years ago and he should look to establish himself early with a big tackle or dominating header against a weaker opposition. With so many injuries in our defensive department this will be the ideal opportunity for him to stake a regular claim in our starting 11.

Andrei Arshavin:

This Russian dynamo is looking defunct, and is not producing the sparks of magic that he used to. Whatever the reason for this, if played he must show that he still has the talent to play for Arsenal Football Club. The most frustrating thing is most fans agree that when on form this dynamo could power a steel mill, yet at the moment he looks barely capable of heating up a toaster. Even if he has lost his passion for the club (something I sincerely hope is not true and largely doubt), he should still be looking to impress other clubs who may want him in this window or the next. This Leeds outfit will be a slower opposition than most he will face, and to still be considered a world class player he must dominate the game on Monday.

Thierry Henry:

 “How dare you blaspheme so”, I hear you mumble in front of your computer screens and in many ways I would agree that blaspheme I did. Bergkamp aside, I think Thierry Henry is the greatest player to play for Arsenal Football Club, certainly in the modern era and he is most certainly Wenger’s best ever signing. He propelled us to 2 league titles, 3 FA Cups and a Champions League final appearance whilst picking up innumerable personal accolades on the way. Yet I can feel the tension in the media from here, I can almost smell the adrenaline shooting into their finger tips as they write headlines in advance, ready to pick up on any poor shot or missed chance or lack of pace he might display. He needs to prove to the haters of Arsenal Football Club, not the fans, that he can still cut it in English football. I have no doubt that he can, but think he’ll need to prove that tomorrow. 


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