What we learned from Sunday’s defeat….

WTTGT Writer: Carlos De Lima

Well after the dust has settled after yet another Man United defeat we can start to think with clear heads and analyse AFC’s performance as whole on the pitch and tactically…

First point worth discussing is that of how well Mikel Arteta has settled into Arsenal, he is experienced Premier League player and those who doubted him as an emergency buy can finally agree he is our new clock who keeps the midfield ticking. Without him Arsenal look short of quality besides the once in a blue moon performance of Rosicky (yes, it’s harsh, but he finally had his best game in 2years).

I think Rambo and Song have been playing below par because they know they are guaranteed to start (and this can be said for Walcott and Djourou as well). But when Wilshere returns,him and Arteta will occupy  2 out of the 3 spots in midfield.Who will Wenger pick for the 3rdspot? Hopefully Rambo because I’ve been disappointed with Song. When the new year turns his performances drop and we need competition to keep him going.

Second point is that of the emergence of the immense AOC and an under the radar performance of young Yennaris. He(Yennaris) particularly impressed as he gave Arsenal instant shape in the 2nd half. I hope he will keep his place at RB until Sagna returns.

Third is the lack of squad depth. This is a very popular discussion with any Arsenal fan across the globe. Yes, we have four fullbacks out and Arteta/Wilshere/Henry/Gervinho as well so we were depleted again Manchester United but this is the managers responsibility. When Wenger arrived at Arsenal, in his first full season he signed Overmars (MR/L), Petit (DM/LB), Van Bronchorst (DM/LB), Richard Wright (GK) and Francis Jeffers (STR). These signings immediately boosted the squad as their quality helped us out through the tough legs.

Fourth and foremost, transfer activity is needed. To the Board members, “Since you don’t care about our club and would rather make plenty of money,here is a little tip: No Champions League football will severely dent your precious pockets…, so as a good investment spend a little now and the returns will be better.” I am asking Wenger or Gazidis to please bring Jan Vertonghen to the Emirates. He is cut in the same mould as the Verminator and is a Defensive Mid/Left Back international. He would probably be available for around 8 million and we have around 20 million surplus. He is also good mates with Verminator so this is a no brainer. His addition will add to squad depth.

Finally, we can outplay anyone on our day only if we did know what to do when we don’t have the ball (massive weakness at the moment). This is where Tony Adams and Bould would be useful and this is where I think Pat Rice needs to leave AFC. You sense Wenger wanted a ‘yes man’ and Rice has turned out to be one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been a fantastic servant to our club and responsible for many a trophy.

But like today with David Platt at Man City and Ferguson consistently changing his number 2, it bears fruits. Rice should have told Wenger that the AOC substitution was crazy and I also think the junior Gunners know that Ashravin can’t defend. How much more tactically did he want to expose our fullbacks?

Let’s get behind Arsenal and with returning players,we can challenge for 4th (Great. It’s our expectation now…). Maybe our money hungry board will somehow realize that Arsenal Football Club has no connotation of being a FTSE business entity, but rather trying to be the best ‘football’ team in England!


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2 Responses to What we learned from Sunday’s defeat….

  1. Gunner for life January 28, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    I agree but still don't think Wenger will bring anyone in….

  2. Cruzie January 28, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    I thought Pat Rice wanted to retire at the end of last season. The author made an excellent point in a previous blog, that Adams would be a credible candidate for No. 2.

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