One step forward, seven steps back….

WTTGT Writer: Carlos de Lima

How ironic is it that Arsenal are SEVENTH in the League and we won’t be winning any silverware for SEVEN years now?

It’s been a long time since I have seen us this low in the table and helpless. It reminds of the Bruce Rioch era now….helpless and wandering. Who is going to save us?

The one step forward can be described as the almighty palace that the “Roman emperors…” sorry, I mean our trusted and knowledgeable Club Board have constructed. In the Emirates Stadium, a Coliseum of great football, amazing facilities but no more than a show and the only fight to the death involves a continuous public display to deplete our first team season after season.

“Keep the faith?” “In Wenger we trust?” So what about “Through teamwork comes victory” and stuff? That was the old Arsenal passion and determination that our foundations as a football club were built on. Wenger has been amazing but yesterday I feel like something had gone from him. He looks like he has way too much pressure to perform with the current squad and it looks like his hands are tied.

I respect him for not airing the dirty laundry about the board but sooner or later, when his dignity is on the line, it will come out. Wenger sat yesterday like a manager not bothered about the result and as if he expected a draw, Yes, we were unlucky with RVP hitting the post twice and some goal line clearances but to be honest he knew if RVP didn’t score no one else will.

We know look to be in the shadow of Spurs and worst of all, they managed to keep the players they wanted instead of being a feeder club for Barcelona and Man City. Spurs, Newcastle and Liverpool are more ambitious than Arsenal. And when Nasri and Cesc left, Wilshire was injured for the whole season yet we have not replaced them. Ramsey, Song and Benayoun are not world class – Fact!

We have not replaced Henry, Bergkamp and most importantly, 6ft defensive midfielders like Edu and Viera are about as far from Wenger’s thoughts as Kroenke selling the club to Usmanov.

The problem with Arsenal at the moment stems from the top with the greed and disarray in the boardroom with two separate camps. Usmanov – who wants to invest millions into the squad – and the conservative business minded financial planners in Kroenke and Hillwood. They view Arsenal as a business entity and have no passion for driving this club forward, at least in the interim future.

Let’s be honest, the league table never lies so we deserve to be seventh with the players we have and the quality we lack. Maybe, just maybe this year it might be better that we don’t finish the average of 4th and then there will be huge rethink because of the loss in revenue from the Champions League and board will be forced to spend some from the honey pot. And this is the sentiments of many of the ex-Arsenal players as well.

Our squad has continuously been depleted and with Walcott, Diaby, Denilson, Fabianski and Djourou not reaching their intended potential, we look well spent and short of ideas. I think it’s time the Arsenal Supporters Trust and the fans vent their frustration and don’t accept any explanations we are told because it’s not going to help us compete with United, Chelsea, City and Liverpool.

We must demand a change. No excuses, because there are funds but Wenger continues to contradict himself with “Europe is in Crisis” stuff. So isn’t it a buyer’s market then?? Or do we prefer to bath in the millions of pounds of profit the club generates?

So far, it looks more like we are falling quicker into mediocrity and hoping for a break in the Carling Cup. After this magical seven years of no trophies, maybe the board members who broke the mirror can leave quietly and let David Dein and co lead the club with passion and pride again.

Give me back my 38000 capacity stadium and my trophies! This money business isn’t worth destroying our club’s history and tradition!


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2 Responses to One step forward, seven steps back….

  1. [email protected] February 3, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    Here, here!

    Well said Senor!

    Makes you sad does'nt it?

    weeping quitely so my wife and kids do not hear

  2. 49er February 3, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    So true !
    maybe AST starting with black bags protest…..

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