Vote – What is the reason for the crisis at Arsenal?

WTTGT Writer: Vivek Arulnathan (Site Editor)

Arsenal’s move to the Emirates from the historical Highbury is well documented. So are the subsequent measures the club took to ensure that stability is maintained and the new stadium doesn’t take the club down. These included a huge clamp down on transfer spending and increased investment in the club’s academy. With the huge money spent on the stadium, Arsenal fans were also paying the highest ticket prices in the country to increase the club’s revenue.

Arsenal’s image as a big club did increase with a world class stadium and it’s state of the art facilities. Arsene Wenger operated well with a small budget and to make Arsenal even more impressive, we started to play ‘beautiful fooball’ with emphasis on techique and skill. 

It all looked great when it began. Arsenal were producing some good footballers with Cesc Fabregas being the crowning jewel. And to ensure Arsenal generated profits, we began selling our star players and replacing them with raw talent from the academy. They were made to develop in the tough world of Premier League football and to Wenger’s satisfaction, they kept delivering a top 4 finish every year and Arsenal’s problems were repeatedly hidden by the blanket called Champions League football.

But now, all those well laid plans look like a joke. Arsenal are no longer capable of competing in the market for the best players and they don’t seem to have the people required to understand the realities of modern day football at the board level. 

So following up from Carlos de Lima’s article about the failures of the Arsenal board, we are asking your opinion on the current state of affairs at the club. Do you think Wenger is the reason for our failures? Or is he having his hands firmly tied behind his back by the business-centric board? We are eager to hear from you. Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.  

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3 Responses to Vote – What is the reason for the crisis at Arsenal?

  1. JJsen February 3, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Arsenal next biggest achievement is to achieve listing on the US stock market…To be most profitable football club… And the club changing its name to Arsenal Business Club…

  2. [email protected] February 3, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    I am so dieing in the inside that arsenal bord members are watching arsenal crumble like never before. I think the arsenal football club is in this hole because no one in the bored room care about the fun or have the respect for the club They are all about there financial satuation you know what as the grat club that arsenal is look at most of the players we have in the squa I'll try to spell there name.look at chamack, park,juro, sckelachi,metsacer,really who will buy this players for reall?? are they even feet in for champion ship teams I don't know what arsen wenger looking for anymore for the last 7 years he has't been him self ether he have to go or he have to invest on quality players.

  3. [email protected] February 4, 2012 at 5:30 am #

    Sack the wanker.

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