Why Modric should make the North London shift

Our ‘friends’ down the road, as we all know, haven’t qualified to play with the big boys in europe this year and, sadly, will be playing in the Europa League.

So this is meaning such high class players like Gareth Bale and Luka Modric will be wanting to move away, and I think the latter should be looked at closely by Mr.Wenger.

There have always been links between the Croatian and Chelsea but despite the fact they won the Champions League they did finish three places below us in the league and have already lost their key striker this summer.

This season both Tomas Rosicky and Alex Song have been superb, Song especially has not received the credit for such an excellent campaign.

Arteta has had a good first season in a Gunners shirt, Aaron Ramsey has had an indifferent season, although has hard a lot of rather harsh criticism I feel as he gives his all every game.

But surely Modric would start over Ramsey and Arteta, his vision and range of passing combined with hard work and an eye for the goals would see hit fit perfectly into the Arsenal midfield.

His price range may be a bit high and Harry Redknapp probably won’t want him going to the better half of North London, but stranger things have happened.

Wenger, pursue this and we could be a real force next season.

Aaron Murphy

3 Responses to Why Modric should make the North London shift

  1. [email protected] May 29, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    'and an eye for the goals '
    Are you joking, he has scored about 5 goals in the last two seasons!!
    Ridiculous article.

  2. davi May 29, 2012 at 11:11 am #

    While I appreciate your appreciation of Song, Arteta has been just as good in his own way. WBA was the first game we managed to win all season without him in the side, and this is because he has been ghosting in, intercepting the ball and keeping things simple all season. He has selflessly played the screen in front of the defence, and as a result, perhaps hasn't been so eye-catching as people might have expected, but nonetheless he's been as important as anyone in getting us back into the CL this season.
    Seems like you're just goading spurs fans. Not a chance of Modric joining Arsenal. We should have signed him up when we signed Eduardo. Our loss, I suppose, but we had Hleb at the time who was just as good (seriously he was).

  3. [email protected] May 29, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    What a wonderful and lovely article,but Harry Redknapp to released modric to the best club in north london never it wouldn't happen. He will prefer sending him to south south or west west..Lol But not to ther Gooners………..Telling Modric wouldn't be a mistake.

    Ramsey should be exchange for a better player,Arteta is still great.

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