Stiliyan Petrov, a true captain

As an Arsenal fan I’ve had a lot to say over things that have happened at my club in the last few days, some not at all pleasant. I have now mellowed following a moment on Thursday afternoon.

I watched the news yesterday and saw Stiliyan Petrov back at the Villa training ground. He was in there seeing friends, colleagues and team mates on his birthday. 

He looked tired but better than he had done since announcing a fight against Leukaemia. All the players sang happy birthday to him and he stood in front of them and cried.

The final announcement was that new manager Paul Lambert told him he will ALWAYS be club captain as that’s what the players and the Villa ‘family’ thought of him as.
So THAT’S the sort of esteem you can be held in if you give a club for all, no matter what state it is in.
So, Mr Van Persie. Read this and remember that as you sit and consider a club celebrating its 125th birthday seemingly needs YOU to tell it how to run and what direction to take.

Yesterday’s news story made me change my feeling towards the whole sorry saga. For one man in Stan Petrov, he stood among friends as their leader and their friend, all united as one. Robin van Persie? This morning you stand alone after turning a family against you after they stood by you through injury and personal off field allegations and problems, and for what, the fact a whole club didn’t match up to your exacting standards? As a footballer and a human being I find you pitiful.
Stan I wish you every success and happiness following your fight and hope you come through it as the incomparable human being and professional you always seemed to be.

Football encompasses a lot of hatred and resentment, but it also brings TRUE fans together when needs be. This is one of those times.

Get well soon Stan from the Arsenal ‘family’.

Kieron Pennie




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  1. [email protected] July 9, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! You know a true leader by how much he gives out or sacrifices for the family, not by how much he takes away or by the impossible demands he makes on the family.

    It is a mighty big shame Van Persie allowed himself to be so rubbished. Even if he decided to stay now, it will be a herculean task for him to change the negative perception that he has drawn unto himself. He can only achieve this by maintaining his high standard performance through the upcoming season.

    We, Arsenal faithfuls, are a very forgiving lot. RVP can easily be forgiven if he plays his cards correctly. This is only assuming that he decides to stay.

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