Busy as you want to be, or busy as you NEED to be?

Arsene Wenger has some interesting business to handle.

With only Denilson and Vela out, loan and sale respectively, Arsene still has some dead weight to dispose of. Arsenal wrapped up the preseason with their final match against FC Koln on August 12, leaving six days till the season kicks off and less than three weeks until the window shuts. It’s a very short period of time to complete the moves many people feel Arsenal need and want.

I have discussed the rumours at great length and frustration with other Arsenal fans.  A few players I think we could all agree are superfluous to Arsenal’s title ambitions over this season: Park, Squillaci and Arshavin. A couple others are borderline squad players Chamakh, and Bendtner. RvP and Walcott being the undetermined players, headaches right now.

Ignoring the players mentioned above Arsenal would have a squad as follows:

Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain

Rosicky, Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey, Cazorla, Coquelin, Yennaris, Song, Frimpong, Miyaichi

Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Santos, Sagna, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Bartley, Djourou.

Arsenal would look a little bit bare up front. Now a lot of people are counting Walcott as re-signed, but it has not been confirmed yet. However, today I feel bold, so let’s include him in the squad. Arsenal are now at five attackers. For a team playing the 4-3-3 or a modified 4-5-1 that is still shy of what is needed.

Arsenal have spent an estimated £40-44million this summer. Counting the Queensland road, the UEFA Champions League money, the sale of Carlos Vela and some estimated monies in profits from operations Arsenal should have roughly £10-12 million in the kitty for new transfers. The UEFA Champions League money is for the previous season, Wenger has publicly stated that he does not spend Champions League money until it is earned; so Wenger is spending money earned from the 2011-2012 season.

With £10-12 million, Arsenal have the money to pay van Persie a loyalty bonus and increased wages. That would leave the club around 5 million. So now we have to sell some players, with RvP staying we have 7 up front, so Park and Bendtner can go. Bendtner is £4-7.5 million (40k/week) and Park is £1-3 (45k/week) – these are estimates by me, sorry if you disagree.

So sell those two we have £13million and 85k/week for one player. As it is later in the window some marquee players may start to cost a little more. So we need to sell someone else. Let’s sell Squillaci, reportedly off to Olympiakos for a million (Gazidis fly down there and make sure you get cash, in Euros, HURRY!). Now Arsenal are up to £14 million plus 120k/week. Arsenal will not spend 120k/week on a player unless they are RvP, so decrease that down to 85k/week and the transfer kitty goes up to a solid 16million or so. Arsenal would have enough to sign Yann M’Villa.

AND I’ve ignored Chamakh and Arshavin who I am starting to think will be here at the start of the year. We’re going to need them as Gervinho is gone for Africa Cup of Nations (yes, back to back years for this tournament), Song is gone too, and maybe even Chamakh. So Arshavin will factor in to the squad this year.

So that is obviously what I want to have happen, but that is a lot of work for Wenger as the season kicks off. Two players need to sign new deals, three players need to get sold, and one needs to get purchased. AND I’ve ignored Sahin, who I am tired of reading about.  That is a lot of work, do you think it will happen? Let me know




3 Responses to Busy as you want to be, or busy as you NEED to be?

  1. August 13, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    Really hope V Persie re signs along with Walcott. I think Song along with Coquelin are good enough for DM but I would like us to bring in a versatile defender someone who could create competition in the centre but also play full back and Mwiba seems to be that player … even at 13M I'm take him.

    We spent 40M on Giroud , Podoloski and Cazorla the three look like good deals so far if we spend another 13 thats roughly 55M to round.

    What we need to tackle is to shift the players who contributed nothing last season,

    1) Mannone good young keeper but to much competition 1M with Sell On Wages 10K

    2) Squllaci not good enough 1M or realease if you have to (save the wages) Wages 40K

    3) Djourou not good enough Sell 5M Wages 40K

    4) Santos cant defend 3M Wages 40K

    5) Denilson release save wages 50K

    6) Vela already sold 3M with 50% sell on apparently hopefully this can be another Bentley Wages40K

    6) Arshivan didnt work out 6M Wages 70K

    7) Landsbury to much competition ahead of him 2M sell with on Wages 20K

    8) Watt not good enough release Wages 10K

    9) Alumnia released wages saving Wages 50K

    10) Chamakh 4M not good enough Wages 60K

    11) Park 1M or release whcihever not good enough Wages 40K

    12) Bendther 6M Wages 50K

    Frimpong, Yennaris, Miquel, Bartley should join Ryo and Afobe on loan..

    Thats 30M in player sales and no of those are big prices if we add in the Queensland Road sale of 26M are outlays are covered in full.

    In fact going forward the waget bill would be reduced l by 12 players and you could estimate these players are costing us 520K a week thats 27M a year.

    Much better spend on the players we have signed that will make the team better, reward Robin, Walcott, Oxlade and Arteta.

  2. DS August 13, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    ^This guy clearly doesn't realise that releasing players before their contracts have expired will cost the club an enormous amount of money in payouts otherwise don't you think Wenger would have released them already?

  3. August 14, 2012 at 5:24 am #

    1 – Until Arsenal are ready to promote Damien Martinez, they will need to keep Mannone with the first/reserves. Maybe a late fall loan will work or an emergency loan. Most clubs have their lead keeper and Mannone is in the picture long term with Wenger.
    2-Olympiakos will appease that it looks like
    3-Arsenal are unlikely to get 5M, worth more to keep than spend the time to sell him.
    4- won't happen. His versatility, like Flamini will keep him here. His defence has improved over last season, wait and watch
    5-he's loaned out, who cares
    6- he makes more than 70k, Arsene wants >6M, he won't get it, so he won't sell. Remember Arshavin was rumoured in at 12.5 million
    7- Lansbury will not sell while injured, he's young, makes a small amount and does not chew up a roster spot, you keep him. He may be important to homegrown roster in a year.
    8- Watt at those wages is worth more to keep than he costs to release, please see the gentleman that contributed
    9- Already gone.
    10- Chamakh, while I agree is not good enough, he was never going to start anyway. He is overpaid, but nobody will take him, so we have to keep him.
    11- I am not 100% sure on Park's wages, could be over 40k. releasing him will cost over 80k/week with pay, performance, termination clauses.
    12- Bendtner, with you.

    You cannot sell all 12, Arsenal will play 46-51 matches this year. there is no squad depth.
    Arsene also does not have enough time to complete all of that work, and to bring in more people.

    OxCart is on a good deal, Arteta is on a great deal.

    I am sorry John, but I tend to disagree with a lot of your comments.


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