Is TW14’s KO a KO for AFC?

Theo Walcott’s latest injury is clearly poor luck on the young lad – literaly having the stuffing knocked out of him against San Marino on Friday night can’t be what he had planned. 

How a red card didn’t appear is beyond me!

I imagine he has visioned tearing the Sunday Leaguer’s a new one as he showcased to Arsene Wenger why he is worth £100k a week. Instead he spent the night in A&E struggling to catch his breath. 

Not only is this a personal set back for Theo, it’s obviously going to spark converstations about whether San Marino are up to the standard for WC qualification, which of course they are perfectly entitled to be, and Arsene Wenger will be livid that is was his right winger who took the hit and not a non first choice England right winger… like David Bentley.

This KO for Walcott is most certainly going to damage is chances of proving that he is the £100k man he claims to be. He will have wanted to make himself irreplacable at The Emirates and forced Monseuir Wenger to open his wallet however instead, the clock continues to tick down on his contract and Arsenal’s patience is wearing thin… 

Greg J Smart

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