Modern day footballers, what clever boys (Video)

“They say footballers aren’t the brightest lot” said former Arsenal striker Niall Quinn after seeing these two numpties.

In a game that has dominated the internet today for its incredible score, and likewise shocking defending, Arsenal’s French duo Francis Coquelin and Olivier Giroud thought they would try and stand out even more.

At the end of 90 minutes, at 4-4, the pair threw their jerseys into a (other than the few that left at 4-0) fantastic Arsenal travelling support. They must either have thought:

a)      It’s a league game, no?

b)      It’s a replay, no?

c)       F*ck it, we’re French! No? (kidding)

The funny thing is, Giroud and Coquelin were arguably two of the better players for Arsenal on the evening, both showing a great work rate and fantastic desire to secure the Gunner’s progress to the next round.

The look on Giroud’s face especially, when substitute goalkeeper James Shea informed him that he needed the shirt back (screw ball boys, let’s make them go get the balls from the crowd too), was rather comical.

Fair play to the fans too, for giving the shirts back, I know I wouldn’t have been too keen!

Matt Morlidge


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