Will Arsenal adapt for Walcott?

Fresh from his match-winning performance at the Madejski Stadium on Tuseday, Theo Walcott has said he is happy for Arsenal’s sixth goal of the night to be awarded to defender Carl Jenkinson. 

The goal would have been Walcott’s third of the game, allowing him to exercise the traditional right of claiming the match-ball after scoring a hat-trick. 

After initially being given to the England forward, confusion now surrounds who actually put the ball in the Reading net.  However, Arsene Wenger and his team have much more pressing matters to deal with when it comes to Theo Walcott.

With the former Southampton youngster’s contract expiring next summer, he would be free to start talking to other clubs from January and could potentially leave the Gunners for nothing.  Since joining Arsenal as a 16 year-old, he has shown glimpses of his promise each season without ever living up to his full potential.  He has been unfortunate with injury problems and, at times, has simply struggled to force his way into Wenger’s starting lineup.  He is yet to complete 90 minutes in the league this season and, whilst he can provide an extremely effective impact when brought on from the bench, half an hour cameo appearances are not what the forward is looking for.

Then there is the subject of his position.  After spending six seasons on Arsenal’s right wing, Walcott feels he is ready to play a as striker.  The role is one that was expertly occupied by Robin van Persie last season and, after the Dutchman’s departure to Manchester United, a new hero is needed to step in.  However, big money was spent on the signings of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, meaning Walcott’s chances of getting a game up front are still limited.  This is especially true as the Gunners prefer to play with a lone striker.

This is not the time for Arsene Wenger to see a player he paid around £9 million for as a teenager walk out on him for free.  With Walcott now at 23 years of age and in the prime of his career, what would hurt the most would be seeing him playing his best football at a rival club.

Wenger has set a deadline of Christmas for Walcott to sign a new contract with Arsenal.  However, if the England international refuses to commit to the Gunners before January, we could see the French manager forced to cash in on a second player in the space of six months.


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  1. Nis ! November 3, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    A pleasant article there to read. 🙂

    I think that RVP prowesses last season were hiding a big concern for our attacking play : creativity. He had the ability to ” make something out of nothing “. Well, that doesn't explain it all, but I chose to write this phrase so I didn't have to explain how RVP was our one-man attack.
    He covered up our lack of creativity, and had suck talent that many balls ” thrown ” at him were converted in shots and goals at best. He was a word class striker. Today, only a few teams could afford to buy a ready made striker in the mold of RVP : the Chelsea-s and City-s of this world. But certainly not us.

    So we're left with attacking options that pale in comparision to the other big clubs in the PL, but also in Europe. I'll say too that many teams below the Arsenal have a better attacking threat than we do. Giroud might become a good player. He's allready 25, but I don't see him becoming a TH, RVP nor DB10. The same would go with Yao Kouassi – I don't know what I'm doing – Gervinho.
    It then leaves us with Walcott. Walcott has in my opinion very good finishing and good movement too, allthough he lacks some technical ability and brain. For him to become our main CF, he should first be able to know what to do of the ball in small spaces and against packed defences, because he becomes very easy to nullify when not using his speed.

    Even if this could be arranged, Walcott doesn't have the talent of the aforementioned players ( bar Giroud and Gervinho 😀 ) to create fmany chances, for him and the team going forward. So there's a big need of creating, and creating a lot in our attacking play in order to use him upfront. And that is what we d'ont have : quality. If we take out Cazorla, we dont have anybody who could create on a consistant basis. Podolski is just a squad player to any top team ou there, and lacks technique and dribbling. The same goes to gervinho, who is very mediocre. Ramsey is very ” squadish ” too.

    With our current attacking players in our starting eleven, I don't see how in the world we would be able to get something out of Walcott, when we can't even get something from Giroud for example. I hope that the youngsters we have (AOC, Eisfeld and Gnabry) and Wilshere could be the ones to take the matter in their own hands, because I don't see Wenger or the board going in the transfer market and buying some quality. It's quite hard to get to this, hoping that the younger bring to the team more than the senior/older players. But I guess that is the result of losing quality players and replacing them with bargain and cheap profitable buys.

    I also would like to ask a question to readers out here :
    Every year we announce a certain profit made by the club. Does this money get used for the upcoming season, or does it stack up ? If the latter, shouldn't we have by now a very very very very consequent ” warchest ” ?

  2. November 3, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    In answer to your question. i believe the board has a stratetgy and as long as wenger pulls the team into 4th ace and maintains that annual profit the board will nack him. i think that syrategy is to put the club in a position of finamcial security as quickly possible. at the moment the club would be hit with early re-payment penalties for paying off their mortgages. however as these periods elaps and there are many different loans and periods then the club want to be in a position to clear that loan at the earliest possible date so as to save interest charges. The capture of a trophy is deemed like it always at arsenal a bonus. i am a supporter of ange when arsenal winning a trophy was considered a remarkable achievement. sure i have supported the club also through the graham and wenger years when picking up trophies became compulsory but the last 7 years have brought us crashing back to earth. we have suffered longer periods of failing to capture silverware and those seasons usually came with the club failing to qualify for europe and on occassions flirting with mid table obscurity or even relegation. I am certain that once ffp is in place and the stadium loans are repayed the club will change its strategy and drive us on to regular trophy claiming once again. it is just a shame that during the fruitless times they cannot recognise the level of ambition by reflecting that in their comments at the AGM in interviews and appreciate the support they are receiving by reducing season ticket costs and subsidising travel.

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