Dean got the Koscielny decision spot on (Video)

Fans couldn’t get away from the fact that yesterday was Super Sunday. It was continuously announced to the watching world that Manchester United were hosting Liverpool and Manchester City were to travel to the Emirates Stadium to take on Arsenal in a day where football all but took centre stage.

While the encounter at Old Trafford all but passed by without a hitch, things were beginning to boil over in the capital. 10 minutes into the game between the two Premier League giants and Mike Dean had riled the home fans by awarding City a penalty and dishing out a red card to Gunners centre-back Laurent Koscielny.

At first, many took to Twitter to ask “For what?” before replays showed that Koscielny effectively rugby tackled Edin Dzeko to the ground. While a number of staunch Arsenal fans criticised Dean for “ruining the game”, the fact of the matter is the referee’s decision was spot on.

In real time, it looked as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred and many, myself included, were left scratching their collective heads, making the decision that much more impressive.

Either way, replays show that Dean made the right call, with Koscielny denying Dzeko and cleargoalscoring opportunity and dragging him to the floor when the ball was played through to the City striker.  

Ben McAleer

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