Should Arsenal bother trying to replace Van Persie?

There is a lot of clamour around the Emirates to secure a centre forward as Arsenal are cutting it fine once again just to ensure qualification for next season’s Champions League.

The 5-1 trouncing of West Ham which was settled in a scintillating 10 minutes shows that Wenger’s current crop still possess an abundance of potential to perform at the very top of the Premier League.

It is not the prospect of delivering which has ever been the problem. It is the consistency. A lot of the supporters think that the reason why the team has been lacklustre and not able to challenge for the title this term is the loss of their talismanic Dutchman Robin Van Persie.

Despite having to admit that selling a player for £24 million with 1 year left on his contract is very astute from a business point of view, he has been missed.

There is no point in crying over spoilt milk now though and hoping for a quick fix in January up front isn’t the answer. It may be frustrating for Arsenal fans to see their forward line not always at its best but the replacement of Van Persie is a very delicate process.

A solution I would suggest would be to sign players who can bring Arsenal a different style of play. When Manchester United sold their lynchpin Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid this is exactly what they did. Maybe Arsenal could take a leaf out of their book going forward.

Grant Miles

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